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July 23rd, 2010
Flowers to get new life after convention


A 2006 study at Harvard University claims that flowers can uplift a person’s mood.


The annual convention of the Texas State Florist’s Association at the San Marcos Embassy Suites Spa and Conference Center this weekend,  will yield some sweet smelling benefits for Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC).

After the convention, dozens of Texas florists will rearrange many of the floral displays at the convention and deliver more than 150 bouquets to the medical center.

“We are so delighted to know that patients and hospital staff at this fine medical institution will have an opportunity to enjoy the most magnificent floral arrangements florists can create,” said Jack Weatherford, president of the Texas State Florists’ Association.  “This is part of the excitement of the convention every year, wherever it is held, that the Texas florists who attend the convention annually know that their creations are not going to waste, but will have a glorious second life at local hospitals.”

The flowers will find new homes in patient rooms, at nurses stations, in common rooms, lobbies, break rooms and cafeterias all around the hospital Monday at 9 a.m., when the flowers will be delivered after the completion of the conference.

Aside from their obvious beauty and lovely fragrance, there is a very good reason to give and send flowers to hospital patients and others. A 2006 study at Harvard University revealed that putting bouquets of flowers in the most used living areas of the home picked up the moods of residents within a week. The study claimed that the good mood actually transferred to the workplace, making the floral display owners happier at work as well.

The Texas State Florists’ Association (TSFA) was founded in 1914 as a professional trade association for all branches of the floral industry, including retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers of floral products and supplies, brokers, shippers, importers, interior plantscapers, and others who service the floral industry. Their membership also includes students, retired florists, university professors and researchers. TSFA represents and serves the floral industry in Texas and has members in many other states, and Mexico.

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