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July 22nd, 2010
TangerBucks for Schools program distributes big checks

071910dezavala1Representatives from DeZavala Elementary School pose with a big check.


Tanger Outlet Center’s 2009-2010 TangerBucks for Schools program yielded a big check for each of the participating schools this year before school let out for summer vacation.

Tanger donated an additional $1,000  to each of the schools. The five participating schools sold Tanger savings books and were given an equal share of the profits during the campaign period. The net result was a combined $10, 925.

Participating schools included San Marcos Baptist Academy, San Marcos High School, Goodnight Middle School, De Zavala Elementary School and Miller Middle School.

“Nothing is more important in our community than giving our students the tools they need to reach their full potential,” said Tanger General Manager Michelle Carswell. “Tanger is proud to help provide the needed funds for materials and educational programs to help our schools and kids continue to succeed.”

The schools were also provided money-making opportunities by hosing TangerBucks for Schools fundraising events during the school year. The events allow the school to retain 100 percent of the proceeds.

Nationally, the TangerBucks for Schools program distributed more than $135,000.

“We appreciate the support that we receive from local businesses like Tanger Outlets,” said Carol Fernandez, the Gifted and Talented Facilitator at DeZavala Elementary School. “DeZavala teachers and students greatly appreciate your friendship and the support that Tanger has provided De Zavala over the years.”

The schools used their funds for a variety of activities and programs.

“We used our funds to support our after school Garden Club with about 40 students in grades K-5 participating,” said Fernandez. ” We sowed our own seeds and grew some of our own plants. We planted some native plants, started a vegetable garden, an herb garden, a water garden, and a compost pile,. Students kept a weekly journal about what they were learning. Everyone had a great time. As a result, we are all enjoying the beautiful blooming flowers and the new birds that are attracted to our school grounds and we are ecstatic and thankful to Tanger for our outdoor learning program.”

The Tanger Outlet Center, 4115 South Interstate-35, features more than 100 brand-name and designer outlet stores. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers operates and owns 33 shopping outlet centers in 22 states.

071910good2nightRepresentatives from Goodnight Middle School hold their big check.

071910sm3ASan Marcos Academy representatives holding their big check.

071910miller4ddThe Miller Middle School Dancing Diamonds proudly display their big check.

071910smhsddlineThe San Marcos High School Dancing Diamond Line representatives holding their big check.

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