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July 19th, 2010
Commentary: ‘I hear the voices of frustration’


EDITOR’S NOTE: Delivered at his mayoral campaign kickoff July 14 at Cafe on the Square in San Marcos.

Many of you have been a partner in my service from the beginning, and through my time on council many of you have joined in my vision for the future. It has been humbling to hear through phone calls, emails and conversations on the street, your many voices of support, and understand, I hear the voices of frustration.

Here in San Marcos we have an economy shaken by a national recession, a troubling unemployment rate, and a federal and state government deep in debt. The uncertainty of our economy has been felt firsthand by our small business community and as a small business owner I have personally felt the downturn in our local economy.

San Marcos deserves a leader who understands that the size of our problems outweigh the smallness of our petty divisiveness. Someone who is not afraid to fight for what is right for San Marcos. Someone who is able to bring people together to accomplish great things and make a difference for San Marcos. That’s why I’m pleased to announce today, that I am running for Mayor of San Marcos, Texas.

With your help today, we can send a strong message that we can not only protect our existing jobs, but also attract the new jobs we so desperately need. But we can’t accomplish this by giving millions in bailouts for out of town shopping center developers. Bailouts that would unfairly use your taxpayers’ money to compete with our existing businesses and those of you already invested in our community.

With your help today, we can not only grow our economy, but also protect the environment, which makes San Marcos the place people want to come work and to live and enjoy. It’s crucial we have a healthy growing housing market, but it’s equally important that we listen to citizens just as much as we do to apartment complex developers at City Hall.

With your help today, we can fight for a more fiscal spending policy at City Hall. Crime is on the rise in our town and when the Police and Fire Union’s use political tactics to get millions in pay increases without hiring a single new officer or fire fighter, I will make sure our streets our safe without breaking our city budget. It’s time we base our votes on the current economic situation, and not the current political situation at City Hall.

With your help today, we can create a political and economic situation for more vibrant job market while protecting San Marcos as a beautiful place to live. I believe this can be done while promoting a more sound fiscal spending policy at City Hall.

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