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July 8th, 2010
Thomaides announces run for San Marcos mayor


San Marcos City Councilmember John Thomaides. File photo.


San Marcos City Councilmember John Thomaides has announced his candidacy for mayor in a postcard mailer that arrived in several city post boxes Wednesday.

Thomaides becomes the first candidate to announce his candidacy in a November city election that now could put four of the city council’s seven seats up for grabs.

Thomaides is seekng the seat held by three-term mayor Susan Narvaiz, who has not announced if she will seek re-election. The other seats also up for election presently belong to Councilmembers Kim Porterfield and Gaylord Bose. The city council could order an additional election to fill Thomaides’ seat.

The Texas Constitution requires elected city officials to resign once they file to run for higher office, if their terms have more than a year remaining. Thomaides won his third term on the city council in November 2009, beating two contenders with 63.4 percent of the vote. However, the state constitution also says such office holders remain seated until their successors are chosen.

Thomaides will begin his campaign on July 14 from 5-7 p.m. at Cafe on the Square, located at 126 North LBJ Drive in San Marcos.

Filing for city council races begins on July 25. The last day to file is Aug. 24, which also is the statutory last day for the council to order a November election.

(Editor’s note: This story was first reported Wednesday afternoon on Point/Counterpoint San Marcos, broadcast on in association with San Marcos Local News.)

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6 thoughts on “Thomaides announces run for San Marcos mayor

  1. I believe John would be a very effective Mayor for San Marcos. He would increase transparency, dialog, and citizen involvement. John understands San Marcos, and he has invested a lot of personal time in learning how other communities are enhancing city services and quality of life for residents. John is committed to improving our ability to live and work in San Marcos. He wants to hear from citizens about issues, and John seeks decisions that provide answers we can live with for a long time to come. I look forward to voting for John for Mayor this year.

  2. You may watch Mr. Thomaides’ archived San Marcos Local News interview from the November 2009 City Council race on SMTX.TV; filed under Politics / San Marcos, Hays County at the active SMTX.TV link in the Editor’s note, just above.

    Also you may view yesterday’s show of San Marcos Local News: Point / Counterpoint, San Marcos
    which was netcast LIVE on 7/7/2010 at 2:30 PM, from SMTX.TV studio; San Marcos, Texas.

    Click on the show heading; San Marcos Local News: Point/Counterpoint and select the show from 7/7/10.

    Your feedback is welcome at .

  3. I don’t know maybe if he becomes mayor the traffic lights @ Hopkins and Cheatham will work…? Yeah I know it’s TXDOT and UP that have the conflict going. But still city agreed to have the traffic lights installed and everyone, including Thomaides, told me to call TXDot and UP. I shouldn’t have to call anyone the elected officials have the authority. I think I will abstain from elections this year. Too much, way too much shtuff coming from both sides of the isle and they will whisper sweet anythings to all that will listen. Well I’m tired of listening….what’d you say…?

  4. Not every good council member would make a good mayor — the jobs are different. As the voice of opposition on Council, Thomaides is effective, but being Mayor calls for leadership skills which he may or may not have. I look forward to learning more about Thomaides and all the candidates during the course of the campaign and the election, and I will wait to decide who I will vote for until I know who is running.

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