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July 7th, 2010
Two men hospitalized after they're arrested by HCSO


An internal investigation by the Hays County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) found no evidence of inappropriate action by HCSO deputies in a June 22 episode during which deputies wrestled a father and son to the ground in Woodcreek.

The two men — 80-year-old Robert Threadgill and his son Stephen — were transported to a local hospital after complaining of injuries. The HCSO said the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Deputies charged Robert Threadgill, 80, with disorderly conduct by profane and abusive language and resisting arrest. Threadgill surrendered on that warrant Wednesday. He was released on personal bond, which was set at $3,000. Stephen Threadgill was charged with disorderly conduct by profane and abusive language.

As of Wednesday, no complaints of inappropriate behavior against deputies in the incident had been filed by either Threadgill.

The HCSO Criminal Investigations Division and Sheriff Tommy Ratliff have reviewed the incident. Ratliff has asked the Texas Rangers to review the incident.

At about 6:40 p.m. on June 22, the HCSO received a call of a verbal disturbance on Marina Circle in the Woodcreek Subdivision. The complainant advised deputies that Robert Threadgill had used profane language and cursed at him, adding that the problem was ongoing.

As deputies interviewed the complainant, Threadgill approached. The HCSO said the deputies met with Threadgill, who continued the profane language, appearing to be “very agitated.” At one point, according to the HCSO, Threadgill postured as if he were going to strike the deputies.

The HCSO said Threadgill resisted when deputies attempted to handcuff him, but he eventually was handcuffed after being taken to the ground. As Stephen Threadgill approached, deputies and the elder Threadgill told him to return the the residence. However, according to deputies, the younger Threadgill ignored both requests and approached the deputies using profane language and seeming to be very agitated.

Deputies said they then took the younger Threadgill to the ground and handcuffed him because he would not heed their directions and attempted to interfere with them.

As both Threadgills complained that they were injured, EMS was requested and both were transported to a local hospital.

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10 thoughts on “Two men hospitalized after they're arrested by HCSO

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  5. Big surprise, costumed tax-feeding parasites who essentially assaulted, battered and kidnapped two productive citizens (payers of their salaries) who were do nothing but minding their own business on public property, are upon investigation by their own uniformed gang of tax-feeding parasites, found to have not acted improperly.

    This is not an isolated incident, this is an epidemic. Police are not your friend.

    Remember this next time some clown from the fraternal order of (police) donut devouring bullies in blue contacts you for more money…..

  6. Robert Threadgill, an inoffensive 80-year-old man from Wimberly, Texas, was severely beaten by four heroic paladins of public order on June 22 after being falsely accused of “trespassing” on public land near a local fishing hole.

    As the octogenarian attempted to address the concerns raised by four intrepid deputies from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, his son Stephen Threadgill approached the scene out of concern for his father.

    After Robert assured Stephen that everything was all right, the younger man turned around — only to be clubbed in the head from behind by one of the stalwart defenders of public order. This valiant specimen was joined by a comrade who beat the victim severely before dragging him seventy feet to a patrol car.

    While Stephen was being assaulted, Robert was thrown to the ground by two other deputies, who injured the elderly man’s shoulder so severely that surgery will be required. When Robert’s 78-wife arrived, she, too was threatened with “arrest” — that is, criminal assault and kidnapping.

    Neither Stephen nor Robert was formally placed under arrest. They sat suffering in a patrol car until a team of EMTs — who heard about the incident over the fire department’s radio scanner — arrived and examined their injuries. At the time, Stephen was unconscious.

    As the victims were bundled into an ambulance, one of their assailants taunted them by saying that “just because you are going to the hospital doesn’t mean it will end there.”

    Robert Threadgill, a slight man around 5’8″ tall, “was heard begging for the officers to stop hurting him and his son,” relates his daughter, who has published photographs of the victims. “Stephen is about 5’5″, 125 pounds. I can’t imagine that they presented any kind of threat. A witness described the events as totally unprovoked and a vicious attack on an elderly man and his son who was walking away from the scene.”

    As is always the case when badge-wearing bullies commit criminal assault, the primary victim, Robert Threadgill, has been charged with the non-crime of “resisting arrest,” but to date neither he nor his son has been charged with trespassing. The Sheriff’s office has denied requests for the arrest report and refused to comment on the case. Then again, why should they bother? After all, it’s not as if someone important was hurt.

    UPDATE –

    An internal inquiry by the Hays County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has found … no, wait for it … “no evidence of inappropriate action by HCSO deputies” in the beating and abduction of Robert and Stephen Threadgill. The elder Threadgill has been charged with “disorderly conduct by profane and abusive language and resisting arrest.”

    According to the story told by the assailants, it was necessary to subdue the 80-year-old victim forcefully because at one point during the encounter “Threadgill postured as if he were going to strike the deputies.”

    So it was a matter of “officer safety,” you see.

  7. Has anybody ever taken this “disorderly conduct by profane & abusive language” charge further up the foodchain? I know Michigan’s laws against profanity in front of women & children were struck down as unconstitutionally interfering with free speech. Wonder if this (county? state? township?) law has ever been challenged.

  8. How dare you call my family mundane!!!! Police officers are not emperors and we do not live in a barbaric country.
    These officers ( bullies ) are supposed to protect and serve the public. After all, we are the ones who pay their salaries
    so with that aspect that would mean they work for us. And to think my uncle and cousin was going back to the house to possibly get a weapon in absurd!!!! Four officers against an old man and a middle aged man doing battle because of a little trash? Lets get real here. I have two officers living on my street and one on the next street over who I can depend on at any time. Get to know the officers in your town. It’s to your benefit!!!
    The officers( and I use the term loosely ) who assaulted my family are ruthless individuals who let their authority
    go to their heads. They took advantage of a minor situation and made it into a big thing to make them look big!!!!
    It is unfair and an injustice to the public. Justice will prevail and I am sure my family has not given up on fighting for relief. I am an ex Security and Investigating Captain. I have worked with many police officers and have known some bad ones. Don’t let these bad guys get away with mistreating us any more!!! Add your comments to as many of these cases as possible so the word can be spread across the country!!!! Thanks and God be with you!!

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