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June 24th, 2010
San Marcos YSB seeks help from Facebook users



Users of Facebook can justify playing Farmville or Nightclub City by pausing long enough to help out the San Marcos Youth Service Bureau (YSB) and vote for the bureau at the APX Alarm listing.

The YSB is competing in a funding competition sponsored by APX Alarm, which is asking Facebook users to vote for the organization they would like to see get funding from the APX Gives Back Project.

Here’s how it works. If you are a Facebook user, you may go to the APX Alarm profile, follow the prompts and then vote for San Marcos Youth Service Bureau. Be warned that you will be asked to allow APX Alarm access to send you messages, just as when users are asked the same question when starting a Facebook game. Users will have to use their own judgment to determine if this is acceptable to them.

Users can remove APX Alarm from their accounts after the voting is through on Aug. 22 by going to their application settings and deleting APX Alarm.  Users are allowed to vote once per day every day.

The San Marcos Youth Service Bureau is a private, non-profit agency that provides free after-school programs to youth ages 11-17.  The YSB offers after-school tutoring in general subjects, along with recreational activities and games. The service is free to students of San Marcos CISD.

For more information on the program, visit  For more information on APX Alarm Gives Back, go to

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0 thoughts on “San Marcos YSB seeks help from Facebook users

  1. Now, THIS is more like it for addressing the needs of our young people as they are supported in their efforts to see daylight and succeed. Every soul should support YSB as they would their own children. Or so says one person who knows what they do, and cares.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and support Mr. Moore.
    YSB has been serving the community for 35 years now. The organization continues to fight the image that the kids are “bad” if they come to the program. This is not the situation at all. The youth that attend YSB are wonderful souls, as are our volunteers.
    At YSB we work hard and play hard….. and learn about life together.
    Just a reminder to others, being “at-risk” is not a character flaw.
    YSB does need the support of the community. We always have, and always will. Please vote daily.
    Together we can raise a child.
    Julie Hollar

  3. Regardless of personal experiences with APX Alarm they do have a wonderful charity foundation and we are hoping to benefit from their generosity. Please help us by voting and spreading the word!

  4. Some are questioning why we would align ourselves with this organization….
    Non-profits have taken a huge hit in this economy. In general, many social service agencies are busy worrying about meeting basic needs (in our case, for the kids), not the company’s BBB ratings. YSB, United Way, Girl Scouts, Cancer Societies, and others non-profits competing across the country for this funding,
    YSB competes for and receives grants from the City, County, and United Way. These funds are distributed between the many local agencies.
    Thankfully, local businesses and individuals always give to the youth through local and school organizations. It is not easy to be a small businesses, or to say “no” to supporting our youth. It is not easy asking for them to continue year after year to help, yet they do…… with a smile on their face.
    YSB is attempting to find creative ways to help our program, and also pull funds from outside our community.

    Dear Mr. None Required,

    YSB would be happy to accept your charitable donation of $30,000.00.
    If you prefer you may write a check.
    You may make your check out to: San Marcos Youth Service Bureau
    You may mail it to the following address: 518 S. Guadalupe St., San Marcos, Texas 78666

    As I have posted on the front of my desk….. ” You’ll never regret doing the right thing”.
    Thank you for this opportunity to “make the ask”.
    Julie Hollar, Program Director.

    Thank you to everyone who remembers to give, in any positive way, to their charity of choice.

  5. In all honesty, I would never trust a BBB rating if the company is located anywhere in the centex, austin, san antonio or corpus christi. All of those territories are managed by one austin office and the ratings are extremely inaccurate. Believe me, I worked there for years and saw it get worse and worse.

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