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June 24th, 2010
Council terminates Menchaca’s contract as city manager

UPDATED 2 p.m. FRIDAY, JUNE 25: Assistant City Manager Laurie Moyer is acting city manager according to city policy, the city manager’s office said in a statement issued this morning.

“The city organization is fortunate to have skilled employees in every field. City operations will continue as usual,” Moyer said.


The San Marcos City Council voted to terminate  Rick Menchaca’s contract as city manager during a special meeting tonight, city council members have confirmed.

The 4-3 vote was taken about 9:15 p.m. in a City Hall conference room following more than two hours of discussion behind closed doors in executive session.
The meeting was posted outside City Hall by 6 p.m. Monday giving the three day public notice required by law. The meeting was also posted on the city’s website but not prominently so.

After the council reconvened in open session, Fred Terry motioned for the dismissal and it was seconded by Ryan Thomason. They were joined by Mayor Susan Narvaiz and Chris Jones in voting for the motion. Council members Kim Porterfield, John Thomaides and Gaylord Bose voted against firing Menchca, who started the job in May 2008.

Narvaiz said she could not discuss reasons for Menchca’s termination because it is a personnel matter.

According to his contract, Menchaca will be paid for unused vacation, sick leave and other benefits but otherwise will receive no severance pay, Narvaiz said. She did not know immediately how much that amounted to.

Council members chose Menchaca, who was the city manager of Midland from 2000 to 2007, from 70 applicants to lead the municipal government in 2008. Dan O’Leary vacated the city’s top administrative job in 2007 after five years in the position, later taking the city manager slot in Keller.

Menchaca’s termination follows Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis’ forced resignation in April and Pedernales Electric Cooperative General Manager Juan Garza’s termination last week.

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7 thoughts on “Council terminates Menchaca’s contract as city manager

  1. When Rick Menchaca was in the running to become the San Marcos city manager, the San Marcos Police Officer’s Association (SMPOA) knocked on doors and did the research into Menchaca’s background including his history as city manager with the city of Midland. The SMPOA STRONGLY recommended “DO NOT” hire Menchaca as the city manager.

    It is easy to play Monday morning QB on this situation however, had the city council given the SMPOA more credence, this two year reign of extreme control and micro-management might have been avoided. Yesterday the city council made the correct decision to terminate Menchaca. He never should have been hired in the first place.

  2. mayor susan is wrong. she got mad becuase she didnt get credit for something she didnt do. rick menchaca is the right one in this situation. mayor susan is WRONG!!!!!! she has her panties in a wad becuase people arent sucking up to her anymore becuase she is leaving office. so get over your self susan!!!!!!

  3. Rick Menchaca did a great job and it was a deliberate stupid choice to terminate him! susan you are an unbelievable rude SELFISH WOMEN!

  4. Just so everyone knows, the firing of Rick Menchaca although sad (anytime someone is unemployed that is sad)was justified and the right thing to do. Rick Menchaca will always only care about what is best for Rick Menchaca. He is not a leader, no one in this organization would follow him into battle. On numerous occasions, he has let his staff take the blows for his decisions. I am sorry but to be a leader you have to stand up for what is right or at least the decisions you have made. We have great people in this organization who have truly made this City a better place to live. People in this organization have been miserable since he got here and that just isn’t right, people should not be afraid to come to work. People who have been in this organization for a long time and who have always been considered “ROCKSTARS” by their supervisors were abused and ridiculed by this man within days of arrival. These individuals were not even given a chance to prove themselves. That is what is sad. Regardless of whether you like the Mayor or don’t like the Mayor, she made the right choice. The happiness of the organization should be a priority of the San Marcos City Council. This is the first step in proving that they believe that.

  5. Linda Johnson you have no idea what you are talking about. This is not about Susan. This is about a man running this City into the ground and belitting employees (especially women) to the point they retire, quit, or shut down.

  6. I find it interesting that some individuals are leaving comments based on the City Manager’s management style and yet others note the personality of Mayor Narvaiz. It’s obvious that the friends of both are posting comments to push their own agendas. Lisa Benson for example has posted the same exact comment on several newsites and Otto, well he’s just Otto. The forest in the trees is right there for all to see. Mayor Narvaiz and company are in some way connected to the developers in the immediate area. The Buie tract, Craddock Avenue Partners, Pam and Bucky Couch etc… Then if you follow the smell down that trail you find SmartCode and changes to the city’s land use guidelines, the Mayor’s need to affect the Historical districts and areas adjacent to downtown for obscure businesses. If that is not enough for you look at the peripheral players like the P&Z Commissioners and the Council members that live in the area affected by the Buie tract development, Chris “switch voter” Jones. Put all the pieces together and you find the real reason Rick Menchaca was fired. The council moved on it 2 days after the SmartCode was postponed? Come now, could it be that the City Manager couldn’t agree and therefore was ousted? I challenge anyone reading to dig a little deeper.

  7. I find it interesting the details being seeped out from Midland now. It does in my mind speak to the management style/personality of Menchaca and there could very well be an argument to be made to who ousted Menchaca for what ever personality clashes and I believe that is all valid. It’s just sad that in my mind people have to trash others dragging them through the mud to try to prove a point. While I agree with Merryweather: “we need to dig deeper” in the way Menchaca conducted himself.

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