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June 16th, 2010
Letter to city officials: Thanks for the bike lanes

Dear City Manager Rick Menchaca and Councilmember John Thomaides:

From those of us in the biking community, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your commitment to our safety and a wonderful biking experience along C.M. Allen Parkway. You, the City Manager and your colleagues have not only made this roadway a safe place to ride but an example of what is possible without our community to allow two and four wheel vehicles to operate in harmony.

This example of what is possible allows us to now focus on what is probable in our efforts to make San Marcos a more livable, bikable, walkable and sustainable community. You and your colleagues along with the City staff are to be commended for moving our community forward. Keep up the good work.


119 signatories

(Editor’s note: The above is a letter written by San Marcos bicyclists in praise of the recent re-striping of C.M. Allen Parkway to include bike lanes and parallel parking. Please open the PDF of the letter to view the names and signatures of those who signed the letter.)

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0 thoughts on “Letter to city officials: Thanks for the bike lanes

  1. I notice that the original letter does not include all of the typos found in the copy above. I’d like to express my hearty agreement with the original letter!

  2. The new lanes are kind of growing on me and the extra parking was really needed. What I don’t understand is how was one council member responsible for this? Is this not something the entire council (or at least 4) voted to support and do? Details of how this worked and who else supported it/opposed it would be appreciated…..

  3. from what I’ve heard it was initiated by the city manager in response to some research Thomaides received at a conference. Basically, the CM got the information, discussed it with city engineers & planners to determine any issues, and then rolled it out once it was sufficiently vetted. I’m not sure Council ever had to vote on it; it might have been done out of a maintenance fund since all it really involved was striping and traffic management, and they needed to restripe CM Allen anyway. The fact that the CM was given sufficient space & authority to take such an action means the entire Council can have credit for it to some degree. Overall, the ‘road diet’ approach to CM Allen to solve long-standing problems of parking availability and bicycle safety in the area should be commended. The timing was impecable, as everything was completed in time for the more active recreation season in San Marcos. I’m curious to see what other roads in the San Marcos area have this kind of potential to create parking, bike facilities or both.

    Regardless, I’m sure the entire Council is getting the message that programs like this have solid support in the community. I can’t think of the last time I saw a thank you letter signed by so many citizens for something like this… in any city. If they weren’t necessarily supportive before, then I’m sure they are paying attention now. November isn’t far away and this program has demonstrated how cheap it can be to buy a little good-will.

  4. Kudos to all those involved in getting this done!

    San Marcos can avoid making the same mistakes that larger cities made in the past (and are having to fix now) by building bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure now.

    Bike lanes, sidewalks, and multi-use paths reduce the number of cars on the road (which reduces traffic and parking demand) while making getting around safer for everyone.

    Lets keep this us

  5. For all of the unwarranted “negativity” that Newstreamz has been repeatedly accused of creating and promoting, by its critics and detractors in the recent past,

    it is quite revealing to witness this refreshing volume of approval that can and will result when the people living in here San Marcos are afforded a single simple, but highly significant and accommodating measure with regard to the exhaustively repeated request for bike lanes, and available parking spaces, in order to enhance the efficiency and convenience of our livable community.

    It’s painful that this “revelation” of actually allowing the voters and citizens, that which they should have and are entitled to, and have been crying out in vain for during the last four to six years, did not manifest itself much earlier with regard to the present leadership at City Hall, as we find ourselves here and now, just four months before our next mayoral election.

    Indeed, this refreshing new “concept” of actually listening to the desires and input of the constituents, with regard to our San Marcos city government,

    is an idea,

    whose time has come.

  6. these improvements are great but still waiting for bike lanes and sidewalks on our busiest streets such as Hopkins, LBJ, and Guadalupe.

  7. I think the bike lanes are wonderful because there was sufficient space on the street without displacing vehicles and the ‘dieting’ made the project very inexpensive. Few streets offer both of those positives for bike lanes. I would like the City to wait and see how many cycylists use CM Allen before taking on expensive and inconvenient projects on the busiest streets.

  8. John McG- You’re kidding???
    OK everyone! Ride up and down CM Allen all day long, back and forth so it looks busy….Not on the route you’re trying to go? Too bad.

    The street looks great and the concept be used on many of our streets- I’m sure some people panicked at the thought of losing car lanes on CM Allen, and look how easily we’ve gotten used to it!

    IMHO, I think adding decent shoulders (or bike lanes) should be mandatory additions every time an existing road has work done to it.

  9. FYI, San Marcos City Council/ Bond Election Nov. 8, 2005:
    Bond Proposition No. 6
    The issuance of $1,185,000 general obligation bonds for constructing and improving pedestrian and bicycle ways and facilities. -prop. passed in 2005.
    We do need bicycle lanes and plenty of them. I am so pleased with those that got this done and those in support of this and more.

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  11. John McG- CM Allen is a very busy street, for both bikers and pedestrians. Just consider the amount of traffic to our beautiful river every day. I think we should be concerned not only with the cost and inconvenience of displacing a few cars, but more importantly with the safety of our citizens.

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