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June 14th, 2010
City to put branding concepts on display


San Marcos city officials are asking for public input as they attempt to develop a new brand for the city.

Draft creative concepts for the branding initiative will be on display at the San Marcos Activity Center from Monday through Saturday. Citizens are invited to stop by and cast a votes for their favorite concepts.

“The goal of this initiative is to produce an authentic, memorable and lasting brand that will allow San Marcos and our various organizations to promote our community as a wonderful place to visit, work and live,” said Branding Task Force Chair Pam Couch. “We’re asking the community to help us build our brand by telling us which logo they think best captures the spirit of San Marcos’ future.”

The public viewing period will be one of the final activities in the community-wide branding process that began last November. City officials said the branding project has included a significant research effort that served as the foundation for the creative execution of the brand. The process also has included substantial involvement from the public and community stakeholder groups, according to city officials.

“A total of 965 people provided input through our online public survey,” Couch said. “We’ve interviewed 16 individuals representing various organizations and we’ve conducted two focus groups with 20 participants. The process isn’t over yet, and there is still an opportunity for citizens to weigh in.”

The votes received during the public viewing will be used by the branding task force to select a final brand to be submitted for approval by the city council. The brand package will include a new logo and tagline, as well as a key messaging platform, a brand standards guide and a marketing plan intended to attract tourism and economic development to San Marcos.

KGBTexas and Hahn Texas are consulting with the city on the branding project.

The city council appointed a nine-member branding task force last November to guide the project. Funded through hotel occupancy revenues saved during the last several years, the project is expected to conclude this summer.

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0 thoughts on “City to put branding concepts on display

  1. “In October, the council voted to pay the consultants $164,920 to develop a brand to include logos, tag lines and other elements.”

    Why does a city need a brand and tag line???

  2. I think this is a great way to create community involvement. Establishing the city a brand and tag line brings families together and creates a great place to live. Others will want to be part of a city that cares about how its viewed and how it cares for its residents.

  3. “Others will want to be part of a city that cares about how its viewed and how it cares for its residents.”

    That determination by others will be reflected more in the appearance of our town, our school system and tax rates, and how our downtown and neighborhoods are sustained and maintained.

    Such a reality exists in stark contrast to this scheme of paying yet another hefty consulting fee, for the fabrication of a “catchy logo” and “slug line” for San Marcos, with yet another sizeable city expenditure drawn from our “unlimited” supply of “free” tax revenue,

    as we hire some group of outsiders to help us figure out just who we are.

    Actions and substance speak louder than words and drawings.

    This is much like paying for psychotherapy,

    whether you need it or not.

  4. that does seems like an awful lot of money – couldn’t we finish the sidewalks across the street from city hall for that much? or put in a left turn light at DeZavala elementary school so parents and children don’t have to play chicken with traffic barreling down 123 into town. it bugs me when the sidewalks around the mayor’s office were re-done when just across the street there is no sidewalk between Walgreens and HEB. to add insult to injury are the “Helping our community” signs. improving our city is what makes it worth living here NOT a catch phrase or brand like we’re a new flavor of soda pop. IMHO of course

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