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June 10th, 2010
Phoenix graduate is San Marcos CISD student of the month


Left to right: Phoenix Academy Principal Judy Mitchell, Alyssa Marie Soto, and San Marcos CISD Superintendent Patty Shafer.  Photo by Iris Campbell.


Tenth grader Alyssa Marie Soto had a goal to graduate early. She achieved that challenging goal on June 3, when she graduated from San Marcos CISD’s Phoenix Academy this year.

Diploma in hand, she met with San Marcos CISD’s Superintendent Patty Shafer, who told her that she had been named the Superintendent’s Student of the Month for June for her accomplishment.

“Alyssa enrolled at Phoenix in January 2010 with the goal to graduate early,” said Phoenix principal Judy Mitchell. “She is extremely motivated, has a positive attitude, and a great sense of humor. Alyssa was very willing to help other students, and has expressed an interest in becoming a teacher. She has been a true inspiration for other students.”

Soto plans to continue her education at Austin Community College for her basic courses, then transfer to Texas State University to get her undergraduate degree. Her mother is Laurie Venegas.

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0 thoughts on “Phoenix graduate is San Marcos CISD student of the month

  1. Why aren’t all of our high school students graduating in two years? That’s right, because PHOENIX is worthless. Rumor has it that Dr. Shafer will be retiring soon – maybe then the board will hire a superintendent that actually cares about student success and not just “graduation rates.”

  2. Whether students should graduate early is something of a sticky subject as far as I’m concerned. On the one hand, I hate the idea of holding a brilliant person back simply because of his or her age. That just seems wrong. On the other hand, a fifteen year old may be absolutely intellectually top notch, yet not have the emotional maturity or wisdom to handle the demands of higher education. Furthermore, there are a lot of experiences and rites of passage associated with the various classes in high school that most people find quite pleasant and would feel cheated out of if they were skipped. I wonder if she’ll regret not having a senior prom?

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