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June 2nd, 2010
San Marcos CISD honors retirees

053010retireesBottom row, left to right: San Marcos CISD retirees Hilbert Natal, Joan Nagel, Nancy Smith, Viki Hicks, Betty Heinroth, Pam Dever, Fred Barnard. Middle row left to right: Retirees Connie Villarreal and Betty Johnson with San Marcos CISD Trustees Judy Allen and Kathy Hansen, and San Marcos CISD Superintendent Patty Shafer.  Top row, left to right: School Trustees David Villarreal, David Chiu, Jesse Ponce, Margie Villalpando, John Crowley. Photo by Iris Campbell.


Thirteen San Marcos CISD employees have recently retired or are retiring at the end of the 2010 school year. Before the start of the San Marcos CISD school board meeting at Miller Middle School last month, the retirees were given a reception in their honor.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Lolly Guerra read words of praise for the retirees and awarded each one an honorarium.

The retirees include Fred Barnard, a  19-year veteran with the transportation department, and Pam Denver of Crockett Elementary School, who was an educator for 32 years. Lupe Galvan also is retiring after driving a bus for 12 years for the school district.

Betty Heinroth is retiring after serving as a teacher for 26 years. After working at both Travis and Crockett Elementary Schools, she ended her tenure at Hernandez Elementary as a math/science coach. Heinroth also helped Hernandez  produced its first science fair.

Retiree Vicki Hicks taught music for 23 years, and 20 of them at Crockett Elementary School. She was the recipient, in her tenure there, of numerous grants for the school’s music program.

Betty Johnson spent 41 years of her life as an educator. Before coming to San Marcos CISD, she worked in both the Mission and El Campo ISDs as a Title 1 second grade teacher. She served San Marcos CISD as a teacher for 36 years, mostly as a teacher of second grade at Crockett and Bowie Elementary Schools before capping off her career at DeZavala Elementary School. She also served as grade level chair for the DeZavala Campus Improvement team.

Jane Mojica started working as a custodian for San Marcos CISD in the maintenance and transportation departments in 1980. She later spent part of her 30 tenure as lead custodian at the Bonham Early Childhood Center and and the Central Office of San Marcos CISD.  She retires after working for 30 years for the district.

A tireless advocate for the elementary school art programs, Joan Nagel spent 12 of her 24 years of teaching at San Marcos CISD. She capped her career working as an art teacher at Crockett and Travis Elementary Schools before retiring this year.

Retiree Hilbert Natal served San Marcos CISD for 35 of his 36 years as the district locksmith. However, he also was a talented carpenter and was often called upon to replace glass in the district’s buildings.

Nancy Smith retires after 37 years in the teaching profession. As campus technologist at San Marcos High School for the last four years, she demonstrated patience, persistance, innovation and humor.

Connie Villareal retires with 29 years as a classroom teacher to her credit. She has been part of the Goodnight Middle School staff for the last 16 years, and was noted for her dedication and willingness to volunteer for after school tutorials and Saturday School duties.

Filemon Gomez retired earlier this year after serving as a custodian for 20 years. His last 12 years of service were at Goodnight Middle School. Robert Laird, another retiree, taught for five years, with his last teaching done for the sixth grade at Hernandez, when it was an intermediate school for the 2008-2009 school year.

All the retirees were congratulated by San Marcos CISD and wished the best as they go on to next days of their lives.

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