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May 27th, 2010
City shuts down water well


The City of San Marcos has shut down a well that supplies water to 1.7 percent of the system supply after a raw water sample tested positive for E. coli, a bacterial contaminant. No boil water notice is required and the city water utility is taking action to flush and disinfect the well.

The city received the positive test result this Thursday afternoon. This positive result was in the raw untreated water from the Soyars Well on Hunter Road, a city well that supplies 1.7 percent of the total system supply.

Water system personnel are working to restore water quality to this well.  All raw water is disinfected prior to distribution as potable water. To assure the city’s treated water maintains a high quality, samples from the water distribution system are taken and analyzed for the presence of bacterial contamination on a monthly basis.  No E. coli bacteria have been detected in the distribution system samples. Bacteria are commonly present in the environment and raw water supply sources.

Before the well is reopened, the city will flush the facility with fresh water and, if necessary, disinfectant.
he results.

The city is working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to insure all regulatory requirements are adhered to and public health is protected at all times.  The City will update media outlets as necessary until the situation is fully addressed.

Attached is the required regulatory Public Notice.

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