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May 27th, 2010
Chick-fil-a opening brings out loyal camping customers

Campers at the new Kyle Chick-fil-before Thursday morning’s opening.


The words customer loyalty take on a new meaning when Chick-fil-a opens a new restaurant. The food chain has taken to giving out certificates for 52 free meals, one for each week, to the first 100 people in line on the opening day for a new store.  It often happens that customers camp out in the parking lot of the new sites in advance.

This is what precisely happened at the San Marcos opening earlier this year, and happened again this week for the Kyle store at 5289 Kyle Center Drive.

The new Chick-fil-a, which opened in Kyle Thursday morning, held a lottery for the first 100 customers to be at the location. The lottery was held at 6 a.m. Wednesday, when 175 campers were already there for the opening more than two days in advance.

The lottery winners were camped out at the Kyle Chick-fil-a until Thursday morning to receive their 52-week free meal certificates when the restaurant opened.

052710first100Kyle’s first 100 pose as the number they represent.

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9 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a opening brings out loyal camping customers

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  2. Wow, people really camp for 2 days for $250 worth of food. This really blows my mind, to bad it didn’t rain

  3. This opening in Kyle broke the record for the most people that gathered at 530am for the opportunity to be in the top 100 at any opening of a Chic-Fil-A in Texas. It was about more than the food. Rain would have only made it better. The had games of all types, people dancing to the DJ that was hired, a visit from the Kyle Volunteer Fire department that cooled off the crowd with a blast of water, people of all types of backgrounds praying together, people as far away as 12 hours by car, staff from Texas, North Carolina and Georgia and tons of fun. This event was time to take a day of vacation and hang out with a few close friends and make new ones. One of the coolest things was when a small group of folks broke out into a full five minute dance routine to the music of Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”.

  4. You will NEVER catch me sleeping in a parking lot for two days just for a chicken sandwich a week…..even if it is a good one. It’s almost sad to see what people will put themselves through just to get something – anything – for free.

  5. So, lets do a fact check….
    1. you camp for 1 day, not 2 (from 6am Wed to 6am Thurs)
    2. you get free food throughout the day. Free breakfast, free lunch, dinner, free ice cream, free milk shakes, free iced tea, free coffee.
    3. you get to play games that Chick-fil-a provides, and win prizes
    4. you get a free T-shirt
    5. you get free DJ concert/entertainment in the evening
    6. you get to cool down under a water geyser from a fire truck water cannon, courtesy of the local fire department.
    7. and if you have kids, they are entertained all day long.
    Oh, and I almost forgot, you get paid $250 for all the above!!!
    How many of you go camping at a water park with a free concert and free food and drink and get paid to do it?

  6. Chick Fil A gives $250 to each person camped out? So if the “first 100” all camp out, the store pays out $25K before it even opens ? Wow.

  7. Wow Dano,
    You make reading reading the Local News so depressing. What a downer. Even about things that are so innocent. It makes me sad. 🙁

  8. It’s a brilliant promotional strategy for the establishment and a great deal for the costumers. Everybody loves camping. It’s one way of enjoying life… Now if you combine camping and fabulous treats we’ll I think it will absolutely boom. Camp and get a $250 worth of food. Not bad at all. Actually sometimes, it not the price but the fun and excitement attached to it.

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