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May 25th, 2010
Rainwater collection class offered


The Texas AgriLife Extension Service is offering a one-day training course open to anyone interested in learning about using rainwater in the home.

The course will take place Thursday at the Hays County extension office located at 1253 Civic Center Loop in San Marcos.

The course goes beyond the rainwater harvesting basic courses and classes to give the participants detailed understanding of how rainwater can be put to any indoor use, including both potable and non-potable uses. Participants will learn methods of filtering and disinfecting water to drinking water quality.

The course also will cover water testing and rules and regulations will be covered, as will methods of using non-potable water separate from a municipal supply, how to set up a system for graywater, and cross connection prevention. The training course includes a demonstration in which participants will see the actual assembly of potable water system components.

To register for the course, go to the Texas AgriLife Extension Conference Services website ( and search “rainwater,” or call (979) 845-2604. The fee for the course is $70 with pre-registration and $95 with onsite registration. For more information, call Kathryn Nachlinger at (979) 845-5385 or go to

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