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May 11th, 2010
Open letter: Baen to mentor Crowley

Commentary: Open Letter
San Marcos CISD Trustee

John Crowley was firmly committed to becoming a member of the San Marcos school board, and, this past Saturday he succeeded in realizing this goal. He worked tirelessly to motivate voters for our single member district election, and (115) of them exercised their right to vote on his behalf … the majority of the relatively small number that voted.

The support that was expressed and demonstrated for my previous terms on the San Marcos CISD Board of Trustees was encouraging, if not downright flattering. But regardless of motivations or intentions, it’s those who vote that ultimately determine the outcome of an election.

Acknowledging that his role on the school board will be a new experience, Mr. Crowley has asked me to serve as a mentor for him during this transition. I have accepted the invitation based on his ensuring he has a clean slate for a new relationship with SMCISD. I respect his reaching out and support his interest in providing a sense of continuity as the district moves forward.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our children and our community as a member of the SMCISD Board of Trustees, and thank my family for their encouragement to have done so. I particularly appreciate our district’s professional teachers and staff, the numerous volunteers that give so much of themselves for our kids and our schools, and for the many organizations that support SMCISD and our youth through the innumerable services they provide.

It’s sometimes an unpopular position, but I believe in SMCISD, our youth, and in San Marcos, Texas. I look forward to continuing to promote the district’s successes and the opportunities that SMCISD continues to create for the betterment of our children and for our community as a whole.

Peter Baen

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3 thoughts on “Open letter: Baen to mentor Crowley

  1. Thank you Peter for you humility and your humanity. I only hope that our other office holders will learn from your example. You are now free to spend more time on the myriad of other activities tugging at your (Supermans) cape.As to John, thank you fro running a clean campaign and please feel free to count on my support now that you have earned the job.

  2. Great race, great candidates, great sense of concern for our community, great example for politics and political motives in San Marcos.

    Bravo to both of you!

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