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May 6th, 2010
PALs celebrates 'Be Kind to Animals' week with suggestions


Good homes are in short supply for many local cats and dogs.


Every year since 1915, the American Humane Association has celebrated “Be Kind to Animals Week,” which takes place May 2-8. In honor of the 96th annual celebration, Prevent a Litter (PALs) of Central Texas would like to remind everyone that animals enrich our lives.

“Be Kind to Animals Week represents a wonderful tradition of celebrating and respecting animals,” said Sharri Boyett, Director of PALS.  “This week is a time to reflect on the happiness and joy these companions bring to our lives.”

The theme of this year’s celebration is “So many animals. So many ways to be kind.” There are  many animals at the City of San Marcos Animal Shelter waiting for a family to adopt them and PALs suggests that this might be the perfect week for some families or individuals to do so.

In honor of Be Kind to Animals week, PALs also reminds citizens of ways to show appreciation for the animals that are around us.

For example, to spay or neuter your pets and encourage others to do the same is the biggest step in controlling pet overpopulation.  Adopting  a shelter pet and letting others know that a shelter is the best place to find their new best friends helps the animal population.

Other ways to honor the week include spending quality time with your pets, making sure your pets have ID tags and being an animal advocate, speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. Being kind to animals means reporting any suspected animal abuse or neglect to San Marcos regional animal control

Donations  in honor of the week to Pet Prevent a Litter (PALs) of Central Texas can save lives through the promotion of responsible pet ownership. Residents also can donate to the City of San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter, 750 River Road.  Remember that a donation can mean many different things. Ask to see if PALs needs laundry detergent, bleach, copy paper, computer supplies, camera film, postage stamps or volunteers.

Other ways suggested for honoring the week include planting butterfly and hummigbird friendly flowers and visiting www.americanhumane for activities that children and adults can do together.

PALS (Pet Prevent a Litter) is a non-profit organization, serving Hays County and adjacent counties on a mission to help end pet overpopulation and pet homelessness in Central Texas. They provide educational programs to the community on responsible pet care.

To arrange a presentation on proper pet care, bite prevention or pet overpopulation or to make a donation contact PALs at (512) 754-PALS or visit

PALS also provides vouchers to anyone in Hays county who cannot afford to spay or neuter their pets.

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