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April 23rd, 2010
Cops intercept big pot shipment at San Marcos airport




A hefty marijuana delivery of 850 pounds stuffed into 16 large duffle bags was intercepted by police on April 21 at the San Marcos Airport, police say.

The Hays County Narcotics Task Force, staffed with officers from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and San Marcos Police Department, conducted a drug interdiction operation at the San Marcos Airport. Bundles believed to be illegal drugs were observed being removed from an aircraft into a waiting 2005 Chevy Suburban, police say.

Police then followed the vehicle into the city limits of San Marcos, where deputies from the sheriff’s office made a traffic stop on Interstate 35 northbound at River Ridge Parkway, police say.


Deputies located the marijuana stash in the rear of the vehicle and arrested the driver, Melvin Alexander Duran, 33, of Austin, and his juvenile passenger, police say.

Duran has been charged with possession of marijuana, over 50 but under 2,000 pounds, a second degree felony. His bond has been set at $60,000 and he remains in custody. The juvenile was taken into custody and placed in juvenile detention, police say.

The pilot of the aircraft, Joe Frank Corder, 64, of Wimberley, has been charged with delivery of marijuana, a first degree felony. His bond has been set at $80,000 and he also remains in custody, police say.

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4 thoughts on “Cops intercept big pot shipment at San Marcos airport

  1. Congrats to the cops.
    But on the other hand the “war on drugs” has been a total failure. It needs to be ended. It is bankrupting us and is ruining a number of countries. Legalize, control, & tax drugs as we do alcohol. Prohibition was a huge failure. The “war on drugs” is much worse.

  2. Ditto, Charlie … California looks like it will be the lead state in the legalize control and tax initiative … But I must remind
    EVERYONE that it is ACTUALLY an initiative of DE-CRIMINALIZATION, as PRE-WWI pharmacies all across the United States legally sold
    controlled substances across the counter, including COCAINE, HEROIN,
    and a number of OTHER outlawed NARCOTICS. The history lesson is this: the American Medical Society LOBBIED CONGRESS to pass laws
    REQUIRING prescriptions on controlled substances, at the same time
    making a number of substances ILLEGAL (Historical FACT, Jack).

    The end result is that the WAR ON DRUGS has been WAY MORE VIOLENT and DEADLY than was PROHIBITION of Alcohol … And has COST the AMERICAN PUBLIC BILLIONS OF INEFFECTIVE DOLLARS trying to put a stop to SUPPLY AND DEMAND. The only possible way to control the
    problem at this point, or at any other time, is to DECRIMINALIZE

    AND TAX THEM TO PAY FOR THE CONTROL PROCESS, which by the way would also include treatment centers for those who still end up addicted BECAUSE they have addictive personalities, NOT because the drugs are
    or are not that addictive if used in a purely recreational manner.
    Let’s not forget those OUTLAWED DRUGS which the AMA prescribes
    to patients now at will, and AT HIGHLY EXCESS PROFIT …

    SO, DECRIMINALIZATION is a slow process, even in this day of easy access to information across our society, BECAUSE doing away with

    Are you aware of estimates on how much POT is growing in or coming into this country ? I believe “authorities” (ha) have pegged the
    ratio @ 100-to-1 POT making it to market more than that confiscated.

    And let me wrap this up by REMINDING EVERYONE OF ANOTHER FACT:

    POT is a naturally-growing plant, HAS MEDICINAL QUALITIES, and
    is known to produce temporary mind alteration USUALLY PEACEFUL.

    ALCOHOL is MAN-MADE, has produced MILLIONS of violent alcoholics, whom then usually need treatment by the medical profession …

    Anybody beginning to see a PATTERN HERE ?????????????????????????

  3. “BECAUSE doing away with

    The “War on Drugs” (WOD) has become a huge enterprise with many who benefit from a terrible idea – that we can control illegal drugs. DEA has become a large and expensive organization and those who lead it and those who benefit from it (contractors, for example), do not want it to go away. Our legislators do not have the courage to promote the end of WOD, even in this time of deficit. Grass roots efforts (no pun intended) (and that includes the Tea Party folks) have no chance at forcing real change anymore – vested interests own congress and legislators are OK with that because it gets them re-elected.

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