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April 11th, 2010
City program offers appliance rebates


San Marcos residents who didn’t get in on the state appliance rebate reservation system can still receive funding from a city program for appliance rebates, as well as for heating/air conditioning rebates.

“The city appliance rebate program is separate from the state program, although both are being funded by federal stimulus dollars,” said Jan Klein, the city’s conservation coordinator. “The city program does not have a specific timeline, and you do not have to get on a reservation list. You do need to have a free city energy audit before purchasing your new appliances.”

The city’s energy efficient appliance rebate program is open to San Marcos residents who upgrade old, inefficient home appliances to energy-efficient models. Rebates are available for refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, water heaters and window air conditioning units.

The energy efficient heating/air conditioning rebate program funded through local electric utility rates and is open to City of San Marcos residential electric utility customers. Rebates are offered for replacing central heat/air conditioning systems with efficient models, adding attic and wall insulation, sealing duct systems, installing radiant barriers and installing programmable thermostats,

Neither program has income limitations.

For more information on the rebate programs, contact Klein at (512) 393-8310.

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