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March 31st, 2010
Doggett congratulates Bobcat Build organizers


U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett, far left in the upper row, with Texas State student organizers of Bobcat Build.


U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-Austin) dropped by the Bobcat Build event in San Marcos on March 27 to lend moral support.

Doggett congratulated Bobcat Build Director Jason Koenig and the rest of the executive board of the student planning committee for Bobcat Build 2010 on organizing another successful day of community service.

In its eighth year as an event, and its second year as a completely student organized activity, Bobcat Build sent 3,900 Texas State student volunteers for a day of service at 150 jobsites in San Marcos.

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0 thoughts on “Doggett congratulates Bobcat Build organizers

  1. We need to replace Doggett . His far-left views may match the views of some in Austin, but they do not match the views of most of his district. Unfortunately, incumbents have huge advantages. Getting free publicity with softball questions, such as in this interview, is one advantage. Redistributing our tax money from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee is another. Maybe Doggett’s zealous support for Obamacare will make more voters realize they are being represented by a socialist, a plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyer who turns up his nose at hard-working Americans as he takes their tax money and redistributes it to high school dropouts, slackers, and illegal aliens. As for illegal aliens, Doggett and others say Obamacare does not cover them. Maybe so (although Democrats defeated an attempt to expressly state that), but at the same time he pushes for an amnesty bill that would give citizenship to the illegals, thereby clearly making them eligible for free Obamacare..
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  2. Well stated Ronald. Lloyd Doggett is a statist, opportunistic snollygoster of the first order who should be finally “retired” from Congress next November…and replaced by a conservative MD, Dr. Donna Campbell. She is energetic, actually listens to what the people in the 25th C.D. are saying, and actually KNOWS something about what needs to be done to successfully reform our heathcare system. If given the opportunity, She would vote to repeal or “defund” the unconstitutional, budget-busting, bureaucracy-expanding, deficit-feeding and penalty-laden coup ‘d ‘etat by the Democrats. Remember, if Obamacare is permitted to reach full force and effect, the immense burden for repayment of the multi-trillion dollar pricetag will fall directly upon your children and grandchildren.

    This is not hyperbole, it’s fact; so it’s very important for everyone to become an educated voter BEFORE you go to the polls. If you want to get this country moving back towards personal freedom again, apathy is not an option! Your representatives are YOUR employees, so it’s up to you to become informed on the issues that are important to YOU, your family and your neighbors. To that end, I would encourage everyone in the 25th C.D. to please visit Dr. Campbell’s website:

  3. This article wasn’t about Doggett, nor was it an interview with Doggett. This article was about Bobcat Build and the community service they have provided San Marcos. Doggett, as the article states, “dropped by to lend moral support”. Yes, it’s excellent publicity for Doggett -because it’s a very successful and popular program in San Marcos. None of your other comments have anything to do with what this article is about. Of course, you would to have had read the only three sentences in the article to understand that.

  4. Hence, the term “opportunistic,” Jason. This is no criticism against the fine community service work being done by the students of Bobcat Build at Texas State. It’s just that Lloyd Doggett has consistently attempted to ingratiate himself with any group that he believes could even remotely help him to be re-elected. In off-years, he ignores them! As we all tend to be “known by the company we keep,” everyone should think twice about those with whom we have our pictures taken.

  5. You’re right Ronald and Radman. The real story here is that politician is duped into posing with opportunist young adults who willingly and knowingly have enrolled in an evil socialistic institution, yet are trying to portray themselves as people who care about their community.

    Free Obamacare! Personal freedom! Bobcat build! Illegal aliens! Penalty-laden!

  6. That is unfair. Representitive Doggett was simply doing what all politicians do. When they are in their districts, they go where activities are happening. NO MATTER WHAT VIEWS THEY MAY HAVE. While you may think his views do not match his district outside of Austin, the fact that he is there does not support that theory.

    By turning the Bobcat Build into a diatribe against Doggett negates all the hard work hundreds of volunteers did for hundreds of local residents. Let the volunteers have their moment. They deserve it.

  7. You tell ’em Linda and Jason! Maybe if these other people got out and actually volunteered for something in their community, they would understand what it means to have your efforts recognized.

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