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March 20th, 2010
Letter: Bring LCRA agreement into the light of day


I am shocked the City of San Marcos placed an energy contract (that runs through the year 2041) on the “Consent Agenda” of the March 23 city council meeting. This issue really deserves thorough public dialog.

Here is what agenda item 11 says: “Consider adoption of Resolution 2010-40R, approving an amended and restated Wholesale Power Agreement with the Lower Colorado River Authority for a term expiring on June 25, 2041 and one extension for an additional twenty-five year period; declaring the agreement to be a competitive matter of the San Marcos Utility (SMEU) under Section 523.133 of the Texas Government Code; authorizing the City Manager to execute said agreement; and declaring an effective date.”

Furthermore, “PART 3” of the proposed resolution states: “The City Council hereby finds that the Agreement constitutes a utility related competitive matter of the San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) that would, if disclosed, give advantage to competitors or prospective competitors of SMEU. Pursuant to Section 552.133 of the Texas Government Code, the Agreement is exempt from public disclosure and shall not be released or otherwise made public unless the City of San Marcos is directed to do so by the Attorney General of the State of Texas or a court of competent jurisdiction.”

So, our city leaders want to execute a binding comprehensive energy plan that runs through 2041 without public input on important issues such as the renewable energy portfolio. And, they want to shield the agreement from public disclosure, too.

With the three elements of energy independence, environmental impact, and economic development intertwined and vital to our future, communities across the country are discussing approaches and plans on energy issues in public meetings.

On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, I hope one of the city council members will pull this from the consent agenda, and bring it to the forefront for community dialog. There are many citizens who really care about this issue.

San Marcos

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