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February 21st, 2010
Letter: The more I know, the more I like Barton


The more I get to know County Commissioner Jeff Barton, the more I am impressed by his dedication to public service. The Barton family has lived in Hays County for generations, so Jeff knows the history of the county well. He knows about the struggles of the past, but more importantly he has experienced first hand the growth of the county into what it is today. Jeff realizes that Hays County will continue to grow in the future, but he wants to make sure that it is thoughtful, managed growth, growth that improves the quality of life here, while still preserving the essence of what it is that makes this region unique. Jeff fought hard to preserve the Dahlstrom Ranch from development, because it is located over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, but he works tirelessly to promote job growth along the IH-35 corridor from Buda to San Marcos, where development can only benefit everybody.

Jeff Barton always has the best interests of Hays County at heart. For example, when Judge Sumter proposed a county budget that cut funding for the Buda Public Library while funding her pet projects in Wimberly, Jeff fought back to make sure the county’s final budget included funding to keep the Buda Public Library growing. One of the main things that impresses me about Jeff Barton is his ability to reach out and make friends with all segments of our population. He is an active member of many different community organizations. He has strong support from the Hispanic and African-American communities, old-timers, newcomers, business owners, and environmental groups. Because Jeff is willing to listen to all segments of our community and their various interests, and because he is able to make independent, intelligent decisions based on the information he has gathered, he will continue to improve Hays County by serving as County Judge. I hope you will join me in voting for Jeff Barton as our next County Judge.


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