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February 11th, 2010
City breaks sales tax losing streak


After seven consecutive months of sales tax declines, San Marcos received better news this week as the city participated in an uptick shared by most of Hays County, though not by much of Texas.

The city’s sales tax allocation from the state comptroller’s office came to $2,197,289.54 in February, representing an increase of 3.73 percent from $2,118,167.94 in February 2009.

The February sales tax figures reflect retail activity from the previous December, which means they are an indication of holiday shopping activity.

“We hope that this report reflects a trend that will continue in 2010,” San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz said. “Austin also showed a strong improvement in retail sales in December, and we are cautiously optimistic that this indicates a strengthening economy in our region.”

San Marcos is still 1.09 percent behind its sales tax collection for the first two months of 2010. The city has taken in $3.64 million in 2010, compared with $3.68 million in the first two months of 2009.

The February 2010 sales tax allocation for San Marcos is second highest all-time, behind an allocation of $2,228,622 in February 2008.

Sales tax collections account for 48.1 percent of the city’s general fund revenues.

Hays County municipalities were up a combined 5.93 percent in February 2010 from the same month a year earlier, reaching $3,024,133.95 in sales tax allocation, compared with $2,854,750.81 in February 2009.

The big winner was Kyle, which enjoyed a 34.79 percent increase from a year earlier as its check increased to $329,378.85 from $244,360.95. For the year so far, Kyle is up 29.28 percent to $527,572.25 from $408,073.61. Kyle has gained from the openings of large retailers such as Lowe’s and Kohl’s in the past year.

For the year to date, Hays County municipalities are 0.62 percent ahead of last year, collecting $5,208,057.85 so far in 2010, compared with $4,996,867.74 at the same point in 2009.

Buda received $337,397.81 in February, down 1.47 percent from $342,442.83 last February. For the year, Buda is down 5.08 percent, receiving $596,116.40 in 2010 after receiving $628,080.36 at the same point in 2009.

Hays County is faring about the same as its municipalities. The county received a check for $1,108,762.90 in February, up 5.27 percent from the same month a year earlier. For the year, Hays County has received $1,875,617.05, up 0.98 percent from $1,857,381.68 received at the point last year.

Across Texas, counties received $35.2 million in February, down 15.07 percent from $41.4 million a year earlier. For the year so far, Texas counties have received $59.5 million, down 15.48 percent from $70.5 million two months into 2009.

Texas cities have combined to receive $417.8 million in February, down 6.17 percent from $445.2 million in February 2009. For the year to date, Texas cities have received $692.3 million, down 8.32 percent from $755.2 million in the first two months of 2009.

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