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February 5th, 2010
Texas State competes in RecycleMania


Texas State joins more than 500 colleges and university as they compete in the National Recycling Coalition’s RecycleMania competition. The 10-week contest takes place from Jan. 17-March 27, involving students, faculty and staff.

Weekly results are turned in to the RecyleMania website with hopes of a championship in the balance.  So far, California State University in, of all places, San Marcos, CA, is ahead in the race. To check on weekly results for Texas State and the competing schools and learn more about RecycleMania visit,

The National Recycling Coalition said that the 2009 competition collected 69.4 million pounds of recyclable material.

The contest started in 2001 as a friendly competition between two Ohio school recycling coordinators. Since then, the number of participating schools kept doubling each year and now 598 schools are registered fro the 2010 competition.

Texas State will submit a weight for paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum, glass and food service organics for this year’s competition. Throughout the campus, there are receptacles for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. There are also some indoor receptacles for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper.

The campus recycling center accepts a variety of recyclable material, including textbooks. The complete list of accepted materials can be found at

To request a pick-up for a large amount of paper or cardboard, or to get information on getting involved in the contest, call the Recycling Center at (512) 245-7733.

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