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February 3rd, 2010
San Marcos middle schools win at choral competition

012910MillerMiller Middle School choral students are preparing for UIL competition. Back row, left to right: Casey Jackson, Jennifer Gonzales, Annika Santana, Isabel White, Konnor Callender, Joey Dolan-Balaviz, Mercedes Gonzales, Johnathan Ledesma. Front Row, left to right: Rebecca Vaughn, Octavio Martinez, Truett Newton, Monet Moreau, Jose Mendez.


The recent University Interscholastic League (UIL) choral competitions found 18 students from San Marcos CISD’s Goodnight and Miller Middle Schools making the Region 18 All-Region choir. Six more students, considered alternates, made the UIL All-District choir.

This Saturday, the regional choir students will participate in a clinic and concert at the San Marcos High School (SMHS) Performing Arts Center (4 p.m.). San Marcos CISD is hosting the Regional event this year. The event is free and open to the public.

Goodnight Middle School Choir Director Brigitte Smith said, “It’s like making the All-Star team. They’re in a choir with the best-of-the-best kids from all of Austin, Pflugerville, Lockhart, Bastrop, Hays, and the Westlake areas.”

Smith said the total number of students trying out at the competition on Jan.23 was 645, with 204 making the regional choir. The Region 18 Vocal Division was held at Pflugerville Middle School.

Miller Middle School Choir Director Dawn Sheridan-Reinhuber said San Marcos CISD had three students who placed in the Regional competition last year. This year, Miller sent 32 students to the auditions with nine of those students placing.

“It’s a remarkable achievement,” Sheridan-Reinhuber said, “and the students should be very proud of themselves.”

The Miller students who placed in the 2009-2010 All-region Middle School Choir:

Eighth Grade Treble Choir (Girls)
•    Isabel White, Soprano 1 –1st chair in Zone 1, Region
•    Konnor Callendar, Soprano 1 –1st chair in Zone 2, Region
•    Mercedes Gonzales, Soprano 1, Region
•    Jennifer Gonzales, Alto, Region
•    Monet Moreau and Casey Jackson, Altos, District (Regional alternates)

Seventh Grade Treble Choir (Girls)
•    Annika Santana, Soprano 1, Region
•    Rebecca Vaughn, Alto, Region

Seventh/Eighth Grade Tenor Bass Choir (Boys)
•    Joey Dolan-Galaviz, Bass – Region
•    Truett Newton, Bass – Region
•    Jose Mendez, Tenor 2, Region
•    Octavio Martinez and Jonathan Ledesma – District (Regional Alternates)

The chairs are the rankings within the choirs. Goodnight’s Smith said, “For instance, they took the top 26 chairs per voice, out of about 60 girls who auditioned for each voice part, and ranked them by ‘chairs’ with first chair as the top ranking. In the boys choir, 18 students per voice part auditioned.”

The Goodnight Students who placed in the 2009-2010 All-region Middle School Choir:

Eighth Grade Treble Choir (Girls)
•    Angelica Acosta, Second Soprano, 9th Chair, Region
•    Abigail Palacios, Second Soprano, 12th Chair, Region
•    Jordyn Lattie, Second Soprano, District (Regional Alternate)

Seventh Grade Treble Choir (Girls)
•    Victoria Rinear, Second Soprano, 1st Chair, Region
•    Rainy Weems, Second Soprano, 7th Chair, Region
•    Jordyn Cobb, Second Soprano, Region
•    Chelsea Davis, Alto, 2nd Chair, Region
•    Cassidy Wallace, Alto, District (Regional Alternate)

Seventh/Eighth Grade Tenor/Bass Choir (Boys)
•    Jon Anthony Delgado, Tenor 1, 7th Chair, Region
•    Joshua Heiser, Tenor 2, 7th Chair, Region
•    Ismael Sosa, Bass, 16th Chair, Region
•    Joshua Ramirez, Bass, District (Regional Alternate)

Sheridan and Smith concur that the audition process is arduous. Students who are often active in other campus activities like athletics, dance teams, student council and clubs, needed to prepare and practice for several months before the auditions.

In the audition, a panel of judges call students up one at a time by their assigned badge numbers and are ask them to solo in front of a large black screen.

“I’m proud of our middle school directors and kids,” San Marcos CISD Choral Director Helen Miers said. “They were so pumped to do well on Saturday, and they represented us with honor.”

The Middle School Region Concert on Feb. 6 at SMHS Performing Arts Center at 4 p.m. is free and open to the public.

012910Best GNGoodnight students, front row, left to right: Angelica Acosta, Jordyn Cobb, Chelsea Davis, Jon Anthony Delgado, Joshua Heiser, Jordyn Lattie. Back row, left to right: Abigail Palacios, Joshua Ramirez, Victoria Rinear, Ismael Sosa, Cassidy Wallace, Rainy Weems

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