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January 15th, 2010
The Weekend: Music, ice cream, basketball and bingo

101410whiskeyWhiskey Myers will be at the Cheatham Street Warehouse on Saturday.

Scene Editor

San Marcos, this weekend, is situated between two unusual events. In San Antonio, the River Walk Mud Festival is getting ready to crown a Mud King and Mud Queen.

Meanwhile in Austin, at the Palmer Events Center, the 8th Annual Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival show will feature the often extraordinary and sometimes tacky body art of our era.

It’s sort of, depending on your point of view, from the sublime to the ridiculous to the ridiculously sublime to the sublimely ridiculous. In other words, it all sounds like fun, but we’ll stick with San Marcos.

The tattoo is an interesting phenomenon in contemporary culture. Many of us can recall a time when only old guys had tattoos. The gentlemen in question had usually been in the military service or the merchant marine and obtained the tattoos on a drunken brio-filled whim. They impressed us as being somewhat like Popeye.

During the last twenty years, tattooing has made great strides in color and artfulness, but one can’t help but think that in thirty years the wearers will, once again, be the weird old folks with the tattoos.

That is the cycle of life. The very things one believes makes one seem contemporary will, sooner or later, make one seem old and outdated.

Music is one of the great exceptions to this. It has a timeless quality that lets us appreciate Beethoven and Stravinsky and Edith Piaf and Bob Wills and the Beatles and Rocket From the Crypt and the Black Eyed Peas and the Chemical Brothers and so on. So your musical taste will never betray you as long as you continue on appreciating it and keep yourself open to new music and new musicians.

If you have a Ringo Starr or Beethoven tattoo, however, that may be a different matter. Ringo, by the by, turns 70 this year.

Music is here for the appreciating this weekend, as well as ice cream, basketball and Bingo. Here are just a few suggestions for your weekend merriment.

Friday, January 15

Triple Crown (206 North Edward Gary) starts out the weekend at 6 p.m. with the rootsy RC Banks. We’re so lucky to have Banks here in San Marcos, we shouldn’t take his musical presence for granted.

The largest bingo game in history, it is said, was played in the Teaneck Armory in New York around 1935. There were some 60,000 players, with another 10,000 turned away at the door. Ten cars were given away at that game. You won’t find the Wimberley VFW Post (Veterans Park on Jacobs Hill Road) Friday night bingo game giving away cars but, on the other hand, you won’t have to fight 59,999 people to get to the delicious concessions sold by the Ladies Auxiliary. The cage starts turning at 7 p.m.

Knights play a buzzing alterna-rock that bristles with energy. You can get a bolt of their lightening at Wake the Dead Coffee House (1432 RR 12) while you get a jolt of caffeinated beverage. They start at 9 p.m.

Acclaimed Smith Entertainment recording artist Jeremy Steding will play at Riley’s Tavern (8894 FM 1102) as part of the birthday extravaganza for Joel Hoffman. Steding has a steady, pleasing country voice and will steadily please you starting at 8 p.m.

Cheatham Street Warehouse hosts Foscoe Jones at 9:30 p.m. Jones’ voice has a charming conversational intimacy. It’s almost as if, when he’s singing, he’s sitting on your front porch putting his thoughts to music. It’s disarmingly genuine. There’s nobody we can think of who is quite like him.

Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey are a well balanced amalgam of country and rock. Another treasure of San Marcos, Begley can often be seen at the Gray Horse Saloon hosting song swaps and sharing gigs. Tonight, you can see him at the Triple Crown at 9:30 p.m. The band is both tight and casual, so it never seems too slick or too sloppy. Nice. The irrepressible Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys also are on the bill.

Saturday, January 16

When you go to the San Marcos Public Library (625 East Hopkins Street) for those weekend library books, check out the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance display in the lobby. The hiking schedule is posted, and there are some great pictures, too.

Of course, for football fans, it’s another playoff weekend and the games are getting, as they should be, progressively more interesting. The Cardinals play the Saints today and the Ravens play the Colts. Might be a good idea to just get a couple of frozen pizzas and watch. When you do get the pizzas, why not go to the H-E-B and check out their “Souper Bowl” displays? The Hays County Food Bank could really use your help this month from your purchase of  a pre-made bag of groceries, or just a donation of a dollar or two at the check-out.

The Texas State men’s basketball team will face Central Arkansas today at 4 p.m. at Strahan Coliseum. The team will hopefully regain some momentum after this week’s loss to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. The Bobcats were on a roll until then. Tickets are a mere $8 and the action is always fast and furious.

There is a lot of talk right now about SOBs (Sexually Oriented Businesses), but in our opinion, what is really needed are more ICOBs (Ice Cream Oriented Businesses). Luckily for us, Rhea’s Homemade Ice Cream (318 North LBJ) is filling that gap with a grand opening tonight from 7-9 p.m. Rhea’s is not just your run-of-the-mill ice cream store, either, with creative flavors like avocado coconut and (be still, heart!) Big Red and cotton candy, as well as traditional flavors. The store will open for regular business on Jan. 19 at 11 a.m., but you can get a little taste of the store tonight.

The gritty hell-raiser who calls himself Scott Biram will be at Riley’s Tavern tonight and, tell you what, he’s a force of nature. Biram’s a hard workin’ man when it comes to music, and we aren’t just talking about how solidly he’s already booked this year or his upcoming European and Scandinavian Tour. He really works when he’s on stage, and the result is intense. If you don’t think playing good music is hard work, then you haven’t seen Scott Biram in action. In spite of his thunderous approach, his lyrics are also movingly introspective.

Wake the Dead continues to amaze with musical guests as it hosts a TJM Music Service musician, Shad Blair. A native of Lubbock, Blair has a rich voice, a deft touch on the guitar and writes a decent song. He’s a treat. Get there by 8 p.m. to hear the whole set.

If you have never heard the Moonhowlers or Robbie and the Robots, you really need to get down to the Gray Horse tonight and see them both starting at 9:30 p.m. The Moonhowlers are everything stratocasting rockabilly is supposed to be, and more. Robbie Doyen, with whomever his current line of “robots” are, is a solid treat, and he’s been paying his dues locally for years. This combination is a don’t miss gig.

Years ago, Ken Stringfellow from the Posies off-handedly mentioned in an interview in Sassy Magazine (remember Sassy?) that the band liked Twizzlers. They started getting pelted by ardent fans with bags of Twizzlers while they were on stage. Recently, the Organics mentioned green-bean casserole in an interview, and we would just like to advise them to maybe switch to something less messy, like M&M’s, at the next interview. Because they will have fans who will be ardent. You can see them at Triple Crown tonight. They are joined by Chief Fuzzer, which is well named and proficient. Also on the bill is Austin’s The Black Ride, which is, in a word, awesome.

Whiskey Myers is a band that forged popularity in East Texas and has gained an ever widening circle of enthusiastic fans as it plays. It won’t be long until its circle encompasses the entire country, so you’d best get to the Cheatham Street Warehouse tonight and see the band before it hits the inevitable arena circuit. Cody Cannon’s lead vocals are clear and appealing, and the band has an undeniably ear-catching country rock groove.

Sunday, January 17

Wake the Dead has its usual pleasant Sunday musical offerings with Day Jazz at noon and the S.M.A.R.T. Quintet at 1:30 p.m. Has anybody else noticed that S.M.A.R.T. started out as a trio and just keep getting bigger? Before long it will be the S.M.A.R.T. Symphony Orchestra and Wake the Dead will have to rent more space. It would totally be worth it, of course.

More football today, with the Jets and the Chargers this afternoon, followed by the Cowboys and the Vikings tonight. In between games, why not stop by Wake the Dead Coffeehouse for a nice chai latte and a chair massage from the magic fingers of Bob Steine? All that armchair quarterbacking is stressful. Bob will be there from 4-7 p.m.

Almost everyone harbors a secret desire to be a music star at one time in her life. Even professional athletes try to get into music, so we know it’s not for the money. There’s just an élan associated with the magic of musical fame. Triple Crown and Riley’s have their mics open tonight, if you want to do more than just daydream about it. There’s always the baby-step of Karaoke at the Gray Horse.

The Golden Globe awards are on NBC tonight. Awards shows are always fun to watch for an hour or so, if for nothing more than to see the clothes of the rich and/or famous. The FX channel is showing the Simpsons movie, if you prefer cartoons. Speaking of Golden Globes, Jose Ferrer won one, and an Oscar, too, for his portrayal of Cyrano DeBergerac,  which will be on TCM tonight at 9 p.m. The movie is fairly faithful to Rostand’s play, which was loosely based on the real Cyrano. Ferrer burns so intently that he is, thankfully, all you will remember from the experience.

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