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December 15th, 2009
UPD issues theft warrant

A felony warrant of arrest for theft has been issued for Leonard Hamilton, who police believe is responsible for thefts from academic buildings at Texas State.

Hamilton has an active warrant from a previous violation. The university said Hamilton frequents the J.C. Kellam Building throughout the day and Jowers Center early in morning.

Hamilton is believed to live locally. However, his current address is unknown. The University Police Department (UPD) is requesting assistance in locating Hamilton.

UPD advises that if you encounter Leonard Hamilton, do not attempt to detain or confront him. Contact UPD (512) 245-2805 or dial 911 when you can call safely.

The San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) and Hays County Sherriff’s Office (HCSO) are aware of the outstanding warrants for Hamilton and are assisting in serving the warrants.

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0 thoughts on “UPD issues theft warrant

  1. Perhaps we should go ahead and get this out of the way:

    “I know Leonard Hamilton real good. Me and him are buddies and he is a real good guy. No way he did this. Leonard is a funny person and makes me laff. Stop picking on Leonard cuz u have no idea where he came from or what he went through. Leonard will always be my friend, no matter what ppl try to put on him.”

    Does that about cover it?

  2. @Dano:
    “Hes a grate guy. he nvr meant to steal no laptops, he just brought that backpack to scare the laptops. neway veryone knows all kids steals laptops now. also that was a know drug building he robbed…if sumbody stoled my laptops i wouldn’t call the cops…the camera should go to jale for taking his pichur.”

  3. Are you sad because you’re laughing or sad because you just now saw it? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Laughing does not make me sad, although some readers of this forum may actually take surprise at that.

    I was sad because of the overall gravity and tragedy of the story that you were drawing from (on Chestnut St.), but your parody above was quite hilarious (invoking repeated readings on my part, with associated laughs).

    Have a great weekend (really!)

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