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December 9th, 2009
The List: Prime Outlets ranked by size

Prime Outlets properties across the nation:

  1. Prime Outlets Orlando: 773,368 square feet.
  2. Prime Outlets Birch Run, Mich.: 681,621.
  3. Prime Outlets San Marcos, Texas: 672,093.
  4. Prime Outlets Grove City, Pa.: 532,152.
  5. Prime Outlets Williamsburg, Va.: 521,604.
  6. Prime Outlets Hagerstown, Md.: 484,906.
  7. Prime Outlets Ellenton, Fla.: 476,755.
  8. Prime Outlets Jeffersonville, Ohio: 409,869.
  9. Prime Outlets Pleasant Prairie, Wis.: 401,436.
  10. Prime Outlets St. Augustine, Fla.: 338,414.
  11. Prime Outlets Barceloneta, Puerto Rico: 331,813.
  12. Prime Outlets Gaffney, S.C.: 303,602.
  13. Prime Outlets Gulfport, Miss.: 302,783.
  14. Prime Outlets Queenstown, Md.: 298,409.
  15. Prime Outlets Huntley, Ill.: 278,759.
  16. Prime Outlets Calhoun, Ga.: 253,667.
  17. Prime Outlets Lebanon, Tenn.: 226,869.
  18. Prime Outlets Lee, Mass.: 224,519.
  19. Prime Outlets Florida City, Fla.: 207,873.
  20. Outlet Marketplace, Orlando: 204,866.
  21. Prime Outlets Pismo Beach, Calif.: 147,416.
  22. Prime Outlets Naples, Fla.: 145,966.
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2 thoughts on “The List: Prime Outlets ranked by size

  1. It would be interesting to see them ranked by revenue, since that has more bearing on what plans the new owners may have for our mall.

  2. Ted, I agree it would be interesting but I’ve asked before and they don’t talk about sales and/or rental revenue per location. Years ago, I extrapolated some rough numbers based on their sales tax receipts to the city but haven’t done so lately. If I get a chance, I’ll try to retrace my steps on how I did that.

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