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November 18th, 2009
Hays CISD receives 24 GPAs


Hays CISD schools have been awarded 24 Gold Performance Acknowledgements (GPAs) based on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) performance ratings. Thirteen of the eighteen campuses were given one or more GPAs.

Bude Elementary School, Elm Grove Elementary School and Negley Elementary School each received three GPAs.

“For the second year in a row, four of our middle schools, (Hays CISD middle schools) Barton , Chapa, Dahlstrom and Wallace received GPAs in math comparable improvement,” said John Thornell, Hays CISD executive director for assessment. “To understand the true significance of this achievement, you have to understand what the comparable improvement indicator represents.”

The TEA creates groups,”campus comparison groups,” of 40 schools based on similar demographic factors.

“Campus comparison groups are probably the best way to compare the performance of a given campus to other schools in the state, since all the schools in the campus comparison group share similar demographic profiles,” Thornell said. “TEA calculates the amount of improvement each school makes in math and then ranks the schools within each campus comparison group based upon the amount of improvement.”

Schools in the top 25 percent of this ranking are awarded GPAs.

“The improvement is based upon the previous year performance, so to get Gold Performance Acknowledgements in this same area two years in a row indicates that these schools are making continuous significant gains in math performance when compared to their peers across the state,” Thornell said. “These awards are the result of our improvements in the middle school math curriculum and the skill and efforts of our middle school math teachers.”

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