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November 10th, 2009
City presents awards, recognition

The City of San Marcos received an ACT Award for for municipal excellence. Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, Councilmember Pam Couch, Assistant Police Chief Lisa Dvorak, Texas State Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Joanne Smith, Helen Franks, Michelle Lopez, Kelly Stone, Dr. Pete Blair, and Chase Stapp. Middle row, left to right: Carolyn Holesovsky, Elena Duran, Aleene Howser, June Barnett, Danny Arredondo, and Police Chief Howard Williams. Back row, left to right: City Manager Rick Menchaca, Terry Nichols, Ken Bell, Penny Dunn, Fidencio Leija, Councilmembers Gaylord Bose, Fred Terry, and Kim Porterfield, Ted Ingwersen and Dr. Quint Thurman. Photo by Don Anders.

Citizens and officials from the City of San Marcos and Texas State University celebrated the Texas Municipal League “Municipal Excellence Award for Management Innovations” for the Achieving Community Together (ACT) Program. ACT is a town-gown initiative aimed at improving relations between student and non-student residents.

San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz recently honored the contributions of city planners, members of the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) , Historic Preservation Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustments and other citizens who dedicate their time and efforts toward community improvement.

Last week, Narvaiz honored Municipal Court Judge John Burke, Court Administrator Susie Garcia and court staff by proclaiming Municipal Court Week in San Marcos.

The mayor also honored the efforts of the Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and San Marcos CISD for their Red Ribbon Week events promoting a drug free community in San Marcos.

City planners recognized.  Front, left to right: Mayor Narvaiz, Director of Development Services Chuck Swallow, Phil Steed, Matthew Lewis, Sophia Nelson, Frances Serna and Bill Couch, all with Development Services. Back row, left to right: City Councilmember Pam Couch, Student Liaison Fidencio Leija, and Councilmembers Gaylord Bose, Fred Terry and  Kim Porterfield. Photo by Don Anders.

Municipal Court Week proclaimed. Front row, left to right: Mayor Narvaiz, Judge John Burke, and Susie Garcia. Back row, left to right: City Councilmembers Kim Porterfield and Pam Couch, Texas State student Liaison Fidencio Leija, and Councilmembers Gaylord Bose and Fred Terry. Photo by Don Anders.

Red Ribbon Week events are recognized. Front row, left to right: Mayor Narvaiz, Executive Director of the Hays-Caldwell Council Sue Cohen and San Marcos High School Student Councilmembers Juan Miguel Arredondo, Brianne Gonzales, Amanda Hernandez, Cassandra Arebalos. Back row, left to right: Alberto Salazar with City Councilmembers Gaylord Bose, Kim Porterfield and Fred Terry. Photo by Don Anders.

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  1. Great job, ACT, especially on Halloween, when I sat at home disturbed until after 3 a.m. by a “party” a mile away. Does the ostensible “understanding” have breaks for holidays? Or is this another PR deal?

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