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November 5th, 2009
Thomaides, Thomason dominate heavy boxes


The precinct-by-precinct breakdown from Tuesday night’s San Marcos City Council election shows that incumbent Councilmember John Thomaides won re-election by dominating across the city, while council hopeful Ryan Thomason faces a likely run-off with evidence that the most active precincts are in his column.

Thomaides, who captured 1,228 of 1,938 votes (63.6 percent), also captured majority support in all the precincts except tiny precincts 112 and 127. Those two boxes combined to cast only 51 votes, with challenger Monica Garcia taking 27, Thomaides 21 and Anita Fuller receiving three.

The only other precinct in which Thomaides didn’t receive the majority vote among the three candidates was far southwest precinct 315, where he was still the top recipient with 92 votes, followed by Garcia with 88 and Maycock with 23.

Local politicos will be more interested in the precinct breakdown for the Place 5 election, which is likely to go to a run-off even though Thomason took convincing majority votes in most of the active precincts.

Only six out of 15 precincts turned out of 9.74 percent of its votes or more — 111, 116, 315, 330, 332 and 336. In those six precincts, which lie in the west portions of the city, Thomason carried a combined 53.9 percent majority, receiving 695 of 1,289 votes cast.

Thomason received the majority vote in all of those boxes except Precinct 111, in which Maycock received 39 votes to 34 for Thomason and 28 for Coppoletta.

In the remaining precincts to the east, Thomason received only 41.7 percent of the vote (265 out of 635). In those precincts, Coppoletta received 31.9 percent (203 votes) and Maycock received 26.3 percent (167 votes).

Coppoletta won Precinct 114 with 39 votes, compared with 31 for Thomason and 25 for Maycock. In another pretty even box, Precinct 334 (Texas State area), Thomason took 56 votes, compared with 41 for Coppoletta and 33 for Maycock.

Download:Precinct-by-precinct count of the San Marcos City Council vote.

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