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November 4th, 2009
Thomaides wins, Thomason waits

City Council incumbent and Tuesday election winner John Thomaides, left, Outgoing Councilmember and Ryan Thomason Pam Couch with her candidate, right. PHOTOS by ANDY SEVILA

Associate Editor

Election Day in San Marcos ended with incumbent City Councilmember John Thomaides securing his third term by a resounding margin, while the results in a three-way council race with no incumbent remain to be developed in the next few days.

Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commissioner Ryan Thomason finished three votes short of claiming the Place 5 seat vacated by Pam Couch, leaving open the possibility of a recount, a run-off against academic advisor Lisa Marie Coppoletta, or both. Coppoletta finished a distant second to Thomason, who culled 924 of 1,960 votes (49.9 percent). Coppoletta drew 504 votes (26.2 percent), while small business owner Shaune Maycock attracted 460 votes (23.91 percent).

Thomaides trounced the rest of a three-candidate field, taking 1,228 of 1,938 votes. Beauty consultant Monica Garcia finished second in the Place 6 race with 560 votes (28.9 percent), while retired civil servant Anita Fuller drew 150 votes (7.74 percent).

The turnout in San Marcos was 7.09 percent, only 2,049 of 28,883 registered voters. On each of 11 Texas constitutional amendments put to statewide vote, about eight percent of the eligible voters across Texas participated. A mayor’s race in Houston, which drew 19.1 percent of that city’s voters, inflated the statewide totals.

While Thomaides savored an easy victory, Thomason’s immediate concern was whether to ask Hays County Elections Administrator Joyce Cowan for a recount, then to consider a month of run-off campaigning. Thomason’s camp held out hope that their candidate could make up three votes in the pending review of out-of-state and overseas ballots, as well as provisional ballots.

Thomason said the election has left him “exhausted,” but added that fight is not done.

As of the campaign finance reports from eight days before the election, Thomason raised more money ($6,825) than Coppoletta and Maycock combined ($3,999.50). Thomason spent $5,182.17, while Maycock spent $4,716.16 and Coppoletta spent $2,850.29). However, Thomason said he didn’t “think the money meant anything. It didn’t bring out the vote.” Thomason said support from the San Marcos police and fire fighters associations, along with his family and friends “did so much” for his campaign.

Thomason said Tuesday night that he’s unsure what he needs to secure a win in a run-off election. He said his campaign “definitely need(s) to make more calls and inform people of the voting date and polling places,” adding that “this will be a different race, but we don’t know what’s going to bring out people to the voting booths.”

Coppoletta could not be reached for comment. Coppoletta has campaigned for city council almost non-stop since August 2008. After she lost to incumbent Chris Jones in November 2008, she announced in January that she would run in Tuesday night’s election. In an election with relatively heavy turnout, Coppoletta took 44.4 percent of the vote (4,925) in November 2008, compared to 55.6 percent for Jones (6,168).

Maycock said he will neither endorse nor support either Thomason or Coppoletta in a possible run-off election.

“Both of my opponents (Thomason and Coppoletta) will have their work cut out for them, and I wish them both luck,” Maycock said. “But I don’t think Lisa (Coppoletta) is the type of individual we need on council … And I think Ryan (Thomason) is a decent guy, but I cannot throw my support behind someone that is backed by so many special interest groups. I don’t think when you’re backed by special interest groups, that you can make independent decisions that a councilmember needs to make.”

Maycock said he will continue working in the community and focusing on next year. He is considering another run for council next November.

“I’m not gonna quit,” Maycock said. “So, most likely, I’ll run again next year. I’m still very committed and I feel strongly about getting on council. I want to show the people whose vote I did not get that I’m committed still to making sure good things happen for San Marcos. People have my phone number and email address. I’m still available and willing to extend a hand to my community.”

In the Place 6 race, Thomaides crushed his competition with 63.36 percent of the vote (1,228 votes). Beauty consultant Monica Garcia brought in 28.90 percent of voter support (560 votes), while retired civil servant Anita Fuller drew 7.74 percent (150 votes).

“I feel great,” Thomaides said. “I’m so happy and proud of and for my team. We all worked so hard. And I think it proves that we have a broad base of support throughout the city, and that they believe in our message … I think they rewarded me for my voting record on council this past six years.”

Neither Garcia nor Fuller could be reached for comment.

Campaigning hard to avert a run-off, Thomaides raised ($9,464.57) and spent ($8,173.63) more money on this race than any other council candidate as of eight days before the election. Garcia raised $4,689.94 and spent $2,264.90, while Fuller raised nothing and spent $527.72.

The low turnout in San Marcos raised as many eyebrows as the results. In last November’s city election, which decided the mayor and two council seats, 12,882 voted in the mayoral election. But last year’s election was concurrent with a presidential race and decisions on the two Hays County commissioners who represent San Marcos, not to mention a $207 million Hays County road bond.

“More people should have gotten out to vote,” said Couch, who served as Thomason’s treasurer and stands to spend an extra month on the council if Thomason faces a run-off. “It was such an important vote and it’s sad to see such a low turnout on such an important decision. I’m very disappointed in that turnout.”

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0 thoughts on “Thomaides wins, Thomason waits

  1. Congratulations Thomaides, you deserve you re-election for working hard for the people of San Marcos.

  2. Maycock couldn’t have said it better with Thomason being backed by so many interest groups. It concerns me to have a realtor on any city council. We will see how many more “buy a home in San Marcos incentives” are thrown in the ring. In the past year alone we have seen just how non-transparent a city council in San Marcos can be (ie. springtown, micro-chipping, et al). We need a person to serve with only the public’s interest in mind. A vote for Coppoletta definitely would do that. Lastly I would like to thank all of this city’s candidates for their hard work.

  3. It is certainly up to her, but LMC could still concede. A run-off is sure to cost the City money and the result seems almost predetermined with such a wide gap and no endorsement from 3d place. I know LMC has been chasing this position for a long time, but I doubt her supporters would begrudge a decision to allow Council and the candidates to move on down the road.

  4. Third time was not a charm for Maycock and he’s nothing but a sore loser. The special interest groups DON’T endorse him for a reason…they have the means to look into his background/past and they don’t want to back such a shady character. BEST OF LUCK to Thomason, I think he’s the best person for the job.

  5. I think that Lisa Marie should concede. The results speak for themselves. If it were just the two of them form the beginning, Thomason would have had probably 35-40% more support than she had. I think it would speak a lot of her character and would put her in good graces with the council & citizens. Her decision, obviously, but I hope she’ll think realistically about the situation and what it will cost the city in time and resources.

  6. Looking at the numbers from last night’s vote, LMC should take the high road instead of spending more people’s money and time in an election that does, like John McGlothlin says, seem to be predetermined. Ryan is a qualifed and dedicated civil servant that deserves this spot on council.

  7. I do not live in San Marcus, so I do not have a dog in the hunt, but it seems ridicules for people to be calling for the second place candidate to withdraw as a matter of “character” from a run-off election. If the citizens of San Marcus do not want to pay for a runoff, then they should change their city charter, to no require a majority, rather than try and change the rules after the fact.

    How about as a matter of character, the first place candidate withdraw, since he could not manage a majority after outspending the second place candidate 2 to 1, and having the support of the police and fire fighter “association” (who make a living off of the city). I wonder what the vote count would have been if you removed everyone from the vote that had a financial interest in the outcome?

  8. “A run-off is sure to cost the City money ”

    Since when has spending more and more money, presented even the slightest obstacle, for our city government?

  9. Had there not been a sign-snafu at the outset between the LMC/Maycock camps we may have had a viable challenger to the “special interests” Shaune is talking about. Perhaps he can overlook past squabbles and focus on the future by supporting Lisa. They have such similar ideas and campaign goals relative to Ryan it seems natural for him to support her, and a bit childish not to.

  10. If Lisa Marie truly cares about the good of the city, she will concede this race instead of using the community’s time and resources on a race that will go to Thomason (as is evidenced by the number of votes he received).

  11. Here now, there is certainly an epidemic of females (withholding their last names), that are crying for LMC to back down.

  12. I dont think Lisa should concede. Perhaps I dont agree with her and her vision, but she has earned her spot in the runoff. Forget the fact that Ryan is almost guaranteed a victory, Lisa earned her spot and should deserve fighting for her chance. Afterall, that is democracy in San Marcos. Other municipalities have different rules, but in San Marcos you need 50% plus 1. We cant just give it to Ryan, how do you think Perry is still in office. Lisa keep on fighting girl, it is your right and it is what the election rules in San Marcos say. Everyone just needs to relax and let the cards fall where they may, we do still have a few days until all the dust settles = overseas ballots.

  13. Of course LMC can choose to stay in the race and have a runoff; nobody is trying to force her out. Nobody is arguing to change the rules. I suggested she could CHOOSE to forego the runoff and stated that foregoing a runoff might be in the best interests of San Marcos.
    If she disagrees or doesn’t care, I suspect there will be a runoff. I wonder what the San Marcos record for low turnout is…

  14. So, as it stands now the majority of the whole 7% that voted actually voted against Thomason, but people want Lisa to give up?
    Nothing against Thomason, but close should not be good enough.

  15. the fact that single-member districts have not been forced on Austin or San Marcos is a minor miracle.

  16. I like the idea for city council to really represent all segments. Maybe we should have a separate “starter” article exploring an initial set of pros and cons to single member district representation.

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