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September 24th, 2009
Muñoz resigns from Hays CISD board


Hays CISD Trustees Secretary Joe Muñoz, the senior member of the school board, resigned his seat Monday night so that his family can move to a new home outside of his trustees district.

Since his first election to the board in 1999, Muñoz has seen the school district almost triple to more than 14,000 students. During that time, the school district has grown from nine campuses to 11 elementary schools, five middle schools and two high schools. Muñoz served with three superintendents and five board presidents.

Muñoz said he will hold onto his seat until the board appoints his replacement in District 2, which covers the Kyle area, adding that he plans to build a new home within Hays CISD, but outside of District 2.

Muñoz said he “feel(s) very comfortable doing this not only due to the current fiscal condition of the district, but also because of the milestones we have accomplished over the past 10-plus years.”

Muñoz ran for an at-large position in 2006, while retaining his District 2 seat, because he desired to find another home within the school district. He lost that election to Patti Wood, who now is president of the school board.

“We appreciate your integrity in this decision,” Wood told Muñoz at Monday night’s meeting. “Board service is very important to you. I know this was a difficult decision. You have been very involved and we appreciate your service over the past 10 years.”

Said long-time board member Ralph Pfluger to Muñoz at the meeting, “I appreciate working with you. Your integrity and your interest in the students is outstanding. Your presence will be missed. Perhaps one day you can come back to the board.”

Pfluger served on the Hays CISD board from 1968 to 1974, then again from 2004 to present. Before 1968, Pfluger served on the Buda school board.

The school board will consider a process for making a District 2 appointment at its Oct. 19 meeting. The board will accept applications from residents in the single-member district. The interim trustee would serve until a special election could be held on May 8, 2010.

Pfluger’s District 4 seat, as well as Chip DuPont’s District 5 seat, also will be up for election next May.

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0 thoughts on “Muñoz resigns from Hays CISD board

  1. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!

    In case you haven’t heard my comment’s will not make sense until you read the news article: Questions raised about home rented to Hays trustee

    ENOUGH!!!! What angers me most about this is Joe Munoz, someone that is suppose to make decisions for the best of our children in Hays CISD, does not see what is wrong with this.

    He voted to allow himself to rent this property (purchased with taxpayer funds) at a discounted price. Joe if you don’t see the conflict of interest here, I am terrified of the other stuff you do as a Hays CISD “trustee”. Well you don’t have my trust and I’m sure I am not alone. Please do us a favor, don’t run for anything else.

    I only hope you conduct yourself with more honor as Austin Police Department’s “Supervisor of the Office of Community Liaisons”. I have no idea what that job is, but I’m sure the pay is great, so I hope you respect Austin Taxpayers more than you did Hays CISD taxpayer!!!!

    I think your last campaign slogan was “i know joe”. You know the campaign where you were only trying to be able to move to a better neighborhood because you were tired of us poor people you represented in East Hays.

    Well “I KNOW JOE can’t be trusted”

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