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September 14th, 2009
Grande wins customer service award


Grande Communications won the Texas Gas Service sponsored “Customer Service Award” at the ninth annual Greater Austin Business Awards presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 26.

Chairman and CEO Roy Chestnutt accepted the award for Grande, along with Vice President and Austin General Manager Harris Bass. Grande, the broadband provider of high speed internet, local and long distance phone service and digital cable, is headquartered in San Marcos.

Grande’s nomination for excellence was based on a “Value System” that guides its employees to do the “right thing” for current and potential customers. This training stresses service to the communities Grande serves. With 719 employees in Texas, Grande was one of the five finalists in the large company category.

“Grande employees have truly earned this outstanding recognition for exceptional customer service,” said Chestnutt.  “Our employees understand that consumers have a choice in their communications provider. From day one, Grande has built a culture based on strong principles that puts the customer first – integrity, honest communication, professionalism, trust, respect and service to community. Grande employees are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ and they strive each and every day to provide excellence in customer service.”

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0 thoughts on “Grande wins customer service award

  1. I love Grande. I wish we had more companies like them in San Marcos. The level of customer service that I have received from them is spectacular. When their competition calls or comes by, I just have to laugh. Invariably, they tell me about some special they are running. When I tell them about Grande’s service and explain that this is why I’m not interested in switching, their pitches end immediately.

    At the risk of sounding crazy, availability of Grande services would be on my list of considerations, if I were thinking of moving to another area. It wouldn’t be at the top, but it would be on my list and I’d be pretty unhappy if I had to leave their service area. This must be how Mac users feel.

    At any rate, it is great to see this local company getting some accolades.

  2. I wouldn’t know, since Grande isn’t available in my area (Sleepy Hollow) and I have been told by their reps that “no coverage area expansion is planned for the San Marcos area”….so unfortunately, I’m stuck with Time Warner (ugh).

  3. The Level of Grande’s Customer service is Amazing..I have Never had service from a cable provider that i did Hate Before My Move to Texas….Grande is effortless& the Internet performance is Incredible…3 years & I have Never had a bad experience with Grande and Don’t even get me started about the Dvr..Grande Customer Service is Hands down the best I have ever Had!..Congratulations Grande Custemer Service Reps!

  4. I once asked a Grande engineer to get Lime Kiln and Hilliard connected. He said that he had actually worked on their proposal to do just that. He said the plan was eventually abandoned because the existing utility (Centurytel) was not being cooperative. Centurytel provides subpar Internet access and speed, and their customer service and IT Support is usually ineffectual.

  5. Centurytel is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.

    Time Warner Cable is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

    Grande is headquartered at 401 Carlson Circle, San Marcos, TX 78666

  6. I think everyone who has posted here agrees that Grande provides better service to its customers than the other companies who service this area.

    It’s just too bad that their financial troubles have kept them from being able to expand to serve the entire San Marcos area. From a purely business standpoint, it was a curious decision to expand over such a wide area while leaving holes in their own home town.

  7. Grande just recently received another round of investment money…expansion is likely to be coming very soon…YEAH!

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