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September 9th, 2009
CTMC challenges employees to better health


The employees at Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) are not afraid of a challenge. Last week, nearly 160 CMTC employees signed on to take the LoneStart Employee Team Wellness Challenge. LoneStart co-founder Jay Siefert inspired them to do this in a series of one-hour presentations to kick off the program.

The Lonestart Wellness Initiative is a behavior modification program in which participants learn how to overcome inactivity and make better and healthier food choices. The program is a jump-start to change the way participants think about their health and wellness and gives them information, motivation and support to help them achieve the goal of a healthy lifestyle. It enables them to go from negative, passive and frustrated to positive, active and empowered.

The program also tackles the problems associated with obesity and the lack of physical activity that plagues the country and, in particular, the health care system, by proposing a strategy for lasting change based on individual choice and responsibility.

“The LoneStart Wellness Challenge is a great fit with our CREATION Health movement,” said Gary Jepson, CTMC President and CEO. “It gives our employees and the community an opportunity to make a positive change to their overall health and wellness.”

CTMC is part of the Adventist Health System and has, at its core, a philosophy of healthcare that focuses on treating the whole person. Their CREATION health model (Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook and Nutrition), urges patients and employees to take control of their personal health and wellness.

“This initiative is an opportunity for us to not only reinforce our role as the wellness resource in our community, but to make an investment in our most important resource, the employees and staff of our organization,” said Jepson.

CTMC, named the 2008 San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year, is one of 36 Adventist healthcare facilities located across the United States. The Adventist Health System is the largest non-profit Protestant hospital system in the country.

For information about the LoneStart Wellness Initiative or other wellness programs at CTMC, call (512) 753-3622.

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