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September 9th, 2009
Audio: Corridor Sports Connection 09/09/09

BILL CULHANE and BRANT FREEMAN discuss why UT keeps the NFL out of the corridor and hear from Texas State football head coach BRAD WRIGHT about last week’s game and Bobcat Volleyball player MO MIDDLETON on her team experiences. Plus: B & B’s wardrobe and Brant’s plans to make his wife a widow.

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2 thoughts on “Audio: Corridor Sports Connection 09/09/09

  1. Thanks for the interview with Mo Middleton, Bill. Good win for the girls. I hope the crowds at Strahan keep pumping up the team since they have been having a hard time on the road of late.
    Also, Interesting “bold” statement from Brant about the UT’s influence in Austin concerning the NFL. It would be interesting to project into the future as Austin grows into a nationally major metropolis – will it be another LA? Which brings up another interesting idea, right now there are approximately 3.5 million people living within 50 miles of Texas State University. How will an NFL-less corridor with a burgeoning population affect Texas State’s pull/attractiveness as they move to the FBS.

  2. Hi tux. As always, thanks for listening. You are quite right, the road has not been kind to the volleyball team so far. We visited with Coach Chisum after the match yesterday and she is confident that the team is improving, figuring out the lineups, and most important of all, getting primed for Southland Conference play. I know you know, the SLC slate is far more important than non-conference.

    It would be cool to have a crystal ball. Will there ever be MLB in Tampa? NHL in Phoenix? NFL in Jacksonville? NBA in Oklahoma City? Uhh, of course not…wait a minute. I have to believe at some point in xx years the Austin-SA corridor would be awfully appealing to a major league…Horns or no Horns.

    I worked and lived in ACC land for many years and UNC, Wake Forest, Duke and NC State are all within a stone’s throw. Clemson and UGA 50 miles apart. Etc., etc., It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if the fans, alums, supporters, and university continue the passion and progress that is underway.

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