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September 7th, 2009
Lyon roars with praise for Hays CISD


The air crackled with positive energy and excitement at Lehman High School gymnasium last month when new Hays CISD Superintendent Jeremy Lyon praised many pillars of the community at the school district’s convocation.

Among those accepting plaudits were some of the individuals responsible for today’s Hays CISD, such: founding Superintendent Moe Johnson, school benefactor Rosalio Tobias, longtime Hays CISD football coach and athletic director Bob Shelton, retired school counselor Armando Chapa, original Hays CISD Trustee Ralph Pfluger, land donor Ted Lehman and original Hays CISD Trustee Delvin “Red” Simon.

Each received a standing ovation. Lehman was represented by his wife and daughter, Hazel Lehman and Peggy Jansen. The wives of Tobias, Pfluger and Johnson also were also present. Simon was unable to attend.

Convocation is the annual employee kick-off to the school year. Lyon energized the attendees with the focus of their mission in his keynote speech.

“The theme of a sense of place is important to us,” he told the crowd of 2,000. “Our school district and community is growing so fast that we risk losing our identity. And in the case of our school district, we cannot let that happen. There is too much work that has gone on to create what we have here today and that work will be honored and cherished as we move forward.

“When you and I come to work each day we can only get the most out of the experience if we have a sense of place,” Lyon  continued. “We need to connect to our school district with deep feelings of attachment brought about by emotional experiences that evoke joy, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment. What do we get in return? We get the richest of all life experiences, with a deeper commitment to children and a deeper level of care for them. The energy you put into being here is greater. The results are greater. Your relationships make a difference.”

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