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September 2nd, 2009
Thomason files in San Marcos council race

Ryan Thomason.


San Marcos Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commissioner Ryan Thomason has joined a crowded field in a run for the Place 5 seat on the San Marcos City Council.

Thomason filed at 5 p.m. Tuesday. The deadline for filing is 5 p.m. Wednesday.

San Marcos City Clerk Sherri Mashburn said a dozen people have picked up filing packets. Seven have filed for candidacy.

The overwhelming majority of those candidates, five, have filed to run for the Place 5 seat being vacated by Councilmember Pam Couch. Long-time local activist Lisa Marie Coppoletta filed on the first day of filing, Aug. 3, followed soon after by Shaune Maycock, who owns an aviation service company in San Marcos.

Two more candidates, Shane Scott and Anita Fuller, filed more recently. Thomason decided to enter that race, rather than run against council incumbent John Thomaides in Place 6. Thomaides defeated Thomason with 61.6 percent of the vote in a 2006 council election. Thomaides received 3,119 votes, compared with 1,947 for Thomason. Thomaides has drawn an opponent this year in make-up consultant Monica Garcia.

Thomason said he would seek to mend the binaries in San Marcos city politics if elected to the council.

“It is too often that local issues are forced to be polar in the debate of public policy — the economy versus the environment, the neighborhood versus the university, downtown versus the interstate,” Thomason said. “The difficult decisions surrounding these issues are made divisive by the winner-loser mentality that exists in local government.  We need to remember that a ‘community’ is defined by its partnership and interaction and commit ourselves to work toward the common purpose that we share in striving to preserve and improve San Marcos as a unique place to live, work, enjoy.”

San Marcos business consultant Ryan Patrick Perkins, who had been courted by several local interests to make a council run, told his supporters last month that he would not seek election.

“After taking the time to seriously evaluate the opportunity with my family and closest friends, I’ve decided that I will not file as a candidate for council this time around,” Perkins said in a letter to supporters. “While I am confident in my ability to effectively represent you all as a member of the Council, I do not believe I can commit my full energies to public office at this time.”

(Editor’s note: The above has been revised to say that Thomaides defeated Thomason with 61.6 percent of the vote in a 2006 council election.)

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0 thoughts on “Thomason files in San Marcos council race

  1. Ed, you have keep in mind that John Thomaides’ whole identity is being a City Councilman. He also has an incredible pull in the historic district and a staunch support from CONA. It’s tough to compete against that. I wish Ryan the best of luck for place 5, it sounds like he has great experience and a good view of what local government should be.

  2. I think when Couch dropped out everyone saw this as “the” race. John is too well liked to be defeated. I will put money that he is going to run for mayor in 2010.

    I don’t trust this Thomason guy one bit. He smells like one of Susan’s lackeys. Someone should look up what he said when he was running against John.

  3. One of Susan’s lackey’s? Good grief. And which campaign do you work for, Jesse? I know Ryan very well and have a lot of respect for him. Out of everyone running for council positions, he is the most experienced and has been in San Marcos forever. Not to mention that he cares enough about the City to actually donate his time and serve on a city board.

  4. I didnt know CONA was allowed to endorse any candidate. That is a hasbeen group anyway isnt it? Dont think I would hollar out loud that CONA endorses me. Thats just another group with an agenda that really hasnt gotten anything done or done anything in quite a long time. I guess that group is just like council. They all stick together. I think john should go ahead and run for congress or whatever it is he wants to do. People talk about Cris Jones. Well I think he and john have the same agenda. And jesse, is everyone you dont like Susan’s lackey? I would like to see this Garcia lady give john a run for his money. You never know, stranger things have happened.

  5. Ryan Thomason has dedicated more of his time to help this community than a lot of people that I know. He has been involved in bettering this community since high school. He has donated time, money, and support to those in need and I will be only TOO proud to have him serving on our city council. He is a true asset to this town. This man knows how to get things done and has the experience to see it through.

  6. I agree. I have known this young man (Thomason) since he was a little boy and I can attest to the fact that he is one hard working individual that tries to do what’s right for everyone. He has been a great deal of help to people by serving on Planning and Zoning and has been a wealth of information for citizens when they have had questions on development issues. He has worked to plan developments that encourage the type of growth we would like to see in our community. I wish you the best of luck and you definately have my vote.

  7. Ryan Thomason will make an excellent council member. He is knowledgeable in many areas of city government and his experience on Planning and Zoning along with being a local business owner will only increase his effectiveness on the council. Ryan thinks long term and understands that current actions will have an affect on the future (something that politicians seem to sometimes struggle with). I know very few people that truly care about their city and its future the way that Ryan does. I fully believe that Ryan Thomason will utilize the assets that San Marcos already has to offer along with bringing in new ideas to help better this city that we call home.

  8. CONA stands for Council of Neighborhood Associations, does that explain their agenda? I’m just glad Thomason has gotten in the race, and Thomaides has stood up to Mayor Susan more consistantly than anyone else with the possible exception of Gaylord Bose.

  9. No Larry, it does not explain what Ed meant by CONA being “just another group with an agenda.” I’m not sure why you would think that it did.

  10. Back in 2006 Thompson basically campaigned with ‘I am not John Thomaides’ a la John Kerry taking the opposite sides on issues just because they where opposite and it backfired. Hes getting off to a better start but could get lost in the crowd of five candidates plus two in the place six race.

    COS I am leaning towards Shaune Maycock but I will have to wait and see debates before i decide.

    P.S. Stop badmouthing CONA

  11. Ryan entering the race is an interesting development. From talking to him a few months ago, he was leaning against it for the time being. My guess is that he has gotten annoyed with the petty stuff going on in that race. Also, I think his time on the P&Z has started to give him a different perspective and that he has realized that John is not the pariah he had thought he was during his previous run. He is prone to inserting his foot in his mouth on occasion at P&Z, but he has also asked thoughtful questions. I think he has gained better understanding of the role different types of development play in the community, and has some appreciation now for some of the environmental issues (though he certainly isn’t one to emphasize them). I will say that he seems like he invests time outside of the chambers in researching the P&Z topics, which cannot be said for all of them.

    I will be very interested to see his campaign and debates in the future. He seemed to struggle a bit last time, but his P&Z experience should help him now. I know my politics and opinions have historically differed from his, but I’m willing to listen to what he has to say with an open mind.

  12. For those of you that think john is this and that. if you have talked to him before any certain vote he has said he was gonna vote one way and sitting in council chambers I have seen him change his mind on lots of issues. He is not the hollier than thou that you think. I gotta give it to susan on this issue. and Im not a big susan fan. but she will stick to her guns no matter who she is going to offend. Which apparently is most of the people on this board.

  13. The other San Marcos news site, not the broken record, is reporting that Pam Couch, ie Susan’s puppet is behind Thomason campaign. I stand vindicated.

    My comment about badmouthing CONA was not aimed at COS but at Ed.

  14. Who is badmouthing CONA? Just stating some facts! Are you a member of CONA? CONA has sucked for the last 3 years and you know it. They used to have a president named Amy something or other and she got things done! As of late CONA has dont NOTHING FOR THE NEIGHBORHOODS! That is what CONA is for right? Neighborhood Associations? Tell me one thing they have done as of late and I will back off.

    Im Waiting!

  15. I wouldn’t say they suck, but I would agree that their activities are pretty limited, which is why I asked about their agenda. The meetings I have been to involved various presentations on water/energy conservation, recycling, etc. Interesting, but hardly political or controversial.

    Yes, I am a (new) member.

  16. I understand Ted but CONA stands for Council of Neighborhood Associations. THIS INVOLVES THE NEIGHBIRHOODS ! What has CONA done as far as neighborhood issues as of late? There are lots of issues! Seems like their leadership has FAILED ! They need to get back to issues that they were once involved with . The CONA of old was a much better organization 4-5 years ago!

  17. I was just asking about their agenda. It sounds like they once3 had an agenda, but I don’t see one today. I didn’t mean to stir up anything big, or sidetrack the discussion.

  18. Your right they dont have an agenda as of late. What I should have stated in my last post. They dont have an agenda related to the neighborhoods. Its probably a group that needs to be re=organized. Nothing against COMNA. Just against their current leadership, whomever that may be.

  19. Ed, Are you running for council? If not, then why? It seems that you want your voice and opinions heard. I do not know you but from reading all the post on here you have some issues. Obviously you are not happy with the way things are now, and the same for the people who are running for council. They are at least trying to make a difference. You speak of leadership and the act of getting things done, but what are you doing about it, blogging? You mention your dislike of CONA and there leadership practices, but I bet your name is not on there leadership team. I get annoyed at people who buck the system, whine,and complain but do not seek to put themselves in a place that they can do someting about it.

  20. Oh my goodness. Now someone mentioned Chris. Has anyone ever worked with Ms. North? What could possibly get done working with her? Her loud mouthed, billigerent, disrespectful, ways just get in the way of getting anything done. at least int a timely manner. Amy Kirwin is president of Cona correct me if I am wrong.She did get the skate park.How come noone form CONA has bothered to tell us what their agenda is as of yet?

  21. Sunshine, Camille Phillips is currently the President of CONA. Has been for three years. That will change tonight because we have elections today . Hopefully Amy Kirwin will again become CONA President.

  22. Chris has spent over ten years working for the good of San Marcos, Sunshine. She’s also well-informed and can spell and punctuate properly, unlike you. Looks to me like you’re just another of the trolls that have been gumming up the works on this site.

  23. Amy Kirwin is the new CONA president and Camille Phillips is our new Sec/Treas. Chris North is a new board member. We have a new group of people coming in and not to worry, CONA is going to be bigger and better than it has been as of late. Amy and Chris really know their stuff and I know we will get some things done. These are two really good people to have on our team regardless of what “sunshine” has said.

  24. As to the original article, I have met Ryan Thomason many times and listened to his comments on P&Z and I find him to be level-headed and thoughtful. I think he would make a great councilman.

  25. You all have fun with that foul mouthed Chris who is totally interuptive and cannot listen. She might can read. I hope none of you have to experience mouth, but I would bet $ on it you all aready have. You caould never truly say “That Chris North, what a lovely polite respectful person.” Guess some just figure “Hey that’s Chris for ya!”. Good luck with that lol.

  26. She might can read but you sho caint spell. What a hateful post about Chris North who is a good person. Stop the ad hominem attacks “sunshine”.

  27. My 11 year old daughter read this tonight. I left it up on my machine and went to put my son to bed. I really wish I hadn’t done that. She saw my name and read it.
    What a world…

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