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September 1st, 2009
Flash distributes HCISD superhero awards


At the annual convocation for Hays CISD employees on Aug. 19, there were 20 teachers singled out for innovation in the classroom. Nearly $20,000 in teaching grants was awarded by the Hays CISD Education Foundation.

The grant delivery took place with 2,000 of their peers cheering their creativity. It was even more unusual that the checks were delivered by a superhero.

Chris Harkrider, President of the Hays CISD Education Foundation, served as the emcee for Convocation.

“I believe in my heart that each and every one of you is a superhero,” said Harkrider. “The capes may not be so obvious, but day in and day out you do good works. Your power is in positively affecting the future: our students. At this time, it is my honor to introduce ‘Flash.’ For today, she is Team Hays’ representative of all of the superheroes in this gym. And her good works this morning will be the presentation by the Education Foundation of eight grants to teachers for innovation in the classroom.”

Clad in a yellow cape and a Flash Gordon costume, Regina Butcher, assistant principle of Negley Elementary School, braved the bleachers to give out checks. The assembly enthusiastically cheered Butcher, Central Texas Assistant Principle of the Year, as she delivered the grants.

A grant of $867 was given to Debra Flynn and Ryan Georgi of Lehman High School for “Teaming to Create Hunger Awareness.”

Kim Spiller from Camino Real Elementary School received $323 for “Good Health is in Your Hands.”

Dahlstrom Middle School’s Amy Madden was awarded $2,720 for “TAKS Student Response System.”

Jeanne Stewart of Lehman High School received $1,450 for “Claymation/Stop-Action.”

Elizabeth Medrano from Camino Real Elementary School was awarded $2,792 for “Fluency Reading Program.” She also received $4,200 for “1,000 Books.”

Frances Norman, Aaron Higdon, Holly Donovan, Kathy Gryta, Jerry Camp, Magda Flores, Sarah Higdon, Judith Walters, Cody Mize, Veronica Bonhamgregory and Susie Kan from Dahlstrom/Barton/Chapa/Wallace Middle Schools received $5,000 for “FIRST Lego Robotics Clubs.”

From Buda Elementary School, Joan Britton and Cindy Farest received $2,322 for “Cross-Cirriculum Journal Wiki Writing.”

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