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August 28th, 2009
The Weekend: Nuns, Strutters and music

Walt Wilkins is at Cheatham Street Warehouse Saturday.

Scene Editor

The phone has become a ubiquitous part of American culture. We can now store music on it, take pictures with it, film short movies, play games on it and write letters with it. It’s not so much an instrument of communication as it is one of entertainment. Go fig.

In the midst of all this high-tech glory, however, there is a splinter. We are talking about the “robocall”. This is the phone call that tries to push products on consumers with automated calling machines. The robocalls to mobile phones are illegal.

But your home phone is still susceptible. Or, at least, it was.

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 1, robocalls are illegal for all telephones. We know you will miss that pitch for a time share or a new car warrantee or a “free luxury vacation.” You’ll have to make do with the legal robocalls, which include political calls, public service announcements and pitches from charitable organizations, telephone carriers and banks.

We hope you can live through the loss.

Here are a few things that are bound to make you smile and enjoy your weekend. And we won’t robocall you about them. And we never have. Newstreamz has been robocall free since 1921.

Friday, August 28

Start the night out at Triple Crown (206 North Edward Gary) with Mark Jungers. He’ll play his irrepressible country-folk-pop tonight at 6 p.m. Jungers was at the world record “Biggest Guitar Pickin’ Session” in Luckenbach last Sunday, so be sure to ask him about it. Texas took the Guinness record that day with 1,857 pickers. The previous record was set in Germany with 1,803. It’s a relief to have the record set in Texas, where it belongs, and, most particularly, in Luckenbach. Buy Jungers a beer for this, will ya?

There’s a night of fun and prizes awaiting you if you go to the Wimberley VFW Post’s (Veterans Park on Jacobs Well Road) Friday Night Bingo. There are also concessions sold and prepared by the loving hands of the Ladies Auxiliary. The cage starts rotating at 6:30 p.m.

All of Texas is breathing a sigh of happiness now that football is back on the calendar. Football and the good weather and the Frito pies all seem to blend into one big happy Texas memory. You can start making those memories again tonight. You can drive up to Waco and see the San Marcos Rattlers go against the Waco University Trojans. Or, more locally, watch the Hays Rebels take on Bastrop at Bob Shelton Stadium (4800 Jack C. Hays Trail in Buda). Kick-off (isn’t that music to the ears?) for both games is at 7:30 p.m.

Joel Hoffman Band is at Riley’s (8894 FM 1102) tonight. The band is the house band for the tavern, and always sounds especially good on its home turf. The music starts up at 9 p.m.

The Blue Hit is named for a cat. The River Hymn is also the name of a mighty fine song by The Band. Oso Closo gets the big thumbs up from Reverend Horton Heat. And Johnny Vibrato? He’s a local treasure. How can you see this eclectic mix of musicians? Go to Triple Crown tonight, set yourself down and prepare to be wowed. The music starts at 9 p.m.

We all are happy to welcome back the students of Texas State as our temporary neighbors, but Kent Finlay is doing something about it. Tonight you can see the awesome Texas Renegades free with a student ID at the Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street) The music starts up at 9 p.m. Remember that the Cheatham Street ain’t about gettin’ loaded, it’s all about the music.

Saturday, August 29

It might be a good day for a pleasant hike. There are so many beautiful natural wonders in this area that we tend to forget how rare and precious our land is. There are a plethora of good hiking trails to see birds, plants and other wildlife. Naming just a few, Blanco Shoals, Prospect Park, Lower Purgatory Creek Park, Schulle Canyon Greenspace and Spring Lake Preserve. Go to the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance site for directions and descriptions at

The hilarious hijinks of “Nunsense” is at the Price Senior Center (222 West San Antonio Street) at 7 p.m. tonight. This weekend delight is brought to you courtesy of the San Marcos Performing Arts Association and features the talents of the City Theatre Company of Austin. It’s a delightful musical play that is sure to amuse. For reservations and more information, call (512) 754-7000 or (512) 353-8122.

Tonight, if you head over to Strahan Coliseum, just off Charles Austin Drive on the Texas State campus, you can take part in a silent auction and see the debut of the world famous Texas State Strutters. Watching the Strutters is like getting a charge for your batteries. They are nothing if not a rush of pure energy.

Do you want to know what is in the cards for you? Then, it’s time for a Tarot card reading. Go to Wake the Dead Coffeehouse between 8-9:30 p.m. get a nice latte and let cards fall where they may. You could get a Tarot card reading, too.

The Slow Rollin’ Lows will be at Riley’s tonight at 9 p.m., and, yes, they are named after that Waylon Jennings song. They’ve got a pure Texas twist to their rock tinged country.

The Cheatham Street Warehouse features Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros tonight at 9 p.m. These guys are so good that their release “Diamonds in the Sun” was on the Americana Music Association list of the top 100 albums for both 2007 and 2008. Walt was another one of the musicians at the big record breaking guitar pickin’ session at Luckenbach.

Sunday, August 30

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (510 North Guadalupe Street) is having a “Welcome Back” breakfast for students and parishioners from 9-11 a.m. Services start at 10:30 p.m., and they will bless teachers and backpacks.

If you’d like to start out your morning with a bit of jazz, go to Wake the Dead Coffee House this morning for Day Jazz with Scotty, Ike and Josh from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. That’s a smooth way to start out a Sunday.

Kick up your heels at the Geronimo VFW (6808 North Highway 123) Sunday Afternoon Dance with the Jeff Thompson/Dana Lee Band. The hall and the kitchen open at 2 p.m. so’s you can eat before you dance. The scooting of boots will commence at 3 p.m. and end at 6 p.m.

If you are in the mood for a bit of light, comedic musical theater, look no farther than the Price Center at 3 p.m. The matinee performance of “Nunsense” will be then get underway, delighting the lucky audience. The City Theatre Company of Austin is well-seasoned in this musical, and it will be a fun afternoon for attendees. Call (512) 754-7000 or (512) 353-8122 for more information. Tickets are also available at Costumed Occasions (150 South LBJ Drive) for $15.

That first week of school can leave a person feeling mighty tense. It would be great to have a quick chair massage to release some of that tension. Go to Wake the Dead Coffee House between 4-7 p.m. and ask for a Bob Steine chair massage. Oh, and get a cuppa while you’re there.

Open mic nights can yield up treasures, especially in this area where music abounds and musicians are practically falling out of the trees. Both Triple Crown and Riley’s have their mics open tonight. The next move is yours.

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