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August 25th, 2009
Paper Trail: Lawyers clamor for judge appointment


The Hays County Commissioners Court will discuss the vacant County Court at Law No. 1 at a special session 9 a.m. Thursday.

In recent weeks, attorneys have lined up for an appointment to fill the bench until the November 2010 election. Judge Howard S. Warner II died in July of cancer.

Potential appointees include San Marcos attorney Anna Martinez Boling, San Marcos attorney Tacie Zelhart, Hays County Assistant District Attorney David Mendoza, San Marcos attorney James Pape, San Marcos attorney and former assistant district attorney Charles Roach, San Marcos attorney Kyle Maysel and assistant Texas attorney general Scott Glicker, a Buda resident.

Zelhart  has announced her candidacy in the 2010 election, as have Mendoza and San Marcos attorney Robert Updegrove. Updegrove and Mendoza have not applied for the interim appointment with Mendoza asking for a caretaker to hold the job without running for a full term next year.

This week the county released résumé for most of the applicants. (Résumés for Mendoza and Glicker, who are sitting prosecutors, were not released because they include personal information such as addresses.)


Résumé for Anna Martinez Boling [pdf]

Résumé for Kyle Maysel [pdf]

Résumé for James Pape [pdf]

Résumé for Charles Roach [pdf]

Résumé for Tacie Zelhart [pdf]

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10 thoughts on “Paper Trail: Lawyers clamor for judge appointment

  1. If that is the only problem with posting the Glickler and Mendoza resumes. The county could simply redact the addresses and phone numbers.

  2. Ooops. Sorry for the error.

    If that is the only problem with posting the Glickler and Mendoza resumes,the county could simply redact the addresses and phone numbers.

  3. In 1984, a Protective Order was filed against James M. Pape by his wife, Diane, that essentially barred Mr. Pape from living with his family for one year following a couple of incidents where he had threatened to kill both her and their two children.

    He was only allowed to see his children two nights a week and only when supervised by Mrs. Pape. He was specifically barred from destroying the family’s property.

    Mr. Pape was a grown man at this time, aged 41 years.

    This was not a “youthful discretion” and begs the question of whether a past marked by family violence renders this man unfit temperamentally to serve on the bench.

    I think Mr. Pape needs to address his past with the community he is asking to serve as a Judge.

    This Protective Order was ironically signed by Judge Howard Warner.

    This information is part of the public record and is not my opinion or some hearsay.

  4. Wow django…who dug that up for you. Let’s see….25 years ago a man made a mistake which as described almost cost him his family. Since 25 years later he is still married to the same lovely lady and have two grown children, I can assume Mr. Pape took corrective action and that was that.

    I have known Mr. Pape for 20 years. You will not find a more honest and humble man. He is truly a class act…a statesman in every way…never too busy to say hello and shake your hand. Simple kind words to describe Mr. Pape do not do him justice.

    I read the resumes of Mr. Pape and the others. I had to laugh when I read Jim’s. Very simple, to the point, no fluff. No ego, very humble. He could write a book about his accomplishments, certificates, cases, continuing education credits, etc. That is not his style. He does not need to. People who know him, respect him. It is obvious from your post that you have never had the pleasure to get to know him.

    If you want to dig up dirt on candidates, why don’t you focus on something a little more recent. I’m sure there is something out there in past 30-60 days you could focus on….

    The Commissioners Court could not go wrong by appointing Mr. Pape to fill Judge Warner’s very large shoes until the voters decide in 2010.

  5. Threatening to kill your wife and kids is hardly “a mistake” that is easily “cleared up”. If this had not been more than simply idle domestic chatter, surely his wife would not have taken the extraordinary step of bringing in the authorities. According to the Court Records (available to anyone who wishes to look them up), this man truly scared his family and was viewed as a potential threat to their well-being.

    Mr. Pape might well have cleaned up his act and be all cured of these lapses of familial love, but when you are putting a person in charge of passing judgment on others who might have similar “mistakes” on their records or in their present, a man who has this kind of history might well either, 1.) be more lenient since he understands the motivation behind such violent intentions or 2.) be harsher on the accused based on his own past violations.

    One thing for sure, this would not be a theoretical judgment.

    I do not think a person has to murder someone to judge that murder is wrong, nor do I think that one must be guilty of any crime to know how to adjudicate it, but this just left a bad taste with me.

    Character is indeed important. So is history. Threatening to kill a woman or a child is particularly distasteful to me. Call me old-fashioned.

  6. Django, your logic is interesting. The only lapse is that the incident you are using to justify your point is 25 years old. Let’s apply that same logic to Anna Boling who very recently filed bankruptcy to extinguish her debt. Debt which in part is made up of federal income tax. The idea of having an individual be considered “impartial” when her record illustrates running from her problems, irresponsible planning, and trying to use her child as an excuse for her professional inadequacy is a much more compelling argument for “lack of character”. Better luck next time.

  7. django, your concerns are valid on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, you will find a very good man, who is more than fit for this position.

  8. Bankruptcy is a legal and accepted means of trying to give oneself a fresh start. It is done all the time and if Mrs. Boling were the head of GM or Chrysler or AIG, she would be getting a fat bonus for shepherding her company through Chapter 11, not being condemned.

    In this day and age when the country’s major automakers, banks, accounting houses, insurance companies are going completely belly-up, the effect on individual American families that this is having is hardly news. Here is your “trickle down”.

    Many American families are falling on hard times and this should not preclude a citizen from seeking to hold public office. When only the wealthy (or those with really good accountants) can hold public office, we are all in trouble.

    I cannot countenance trying to equate appealing to legal remedies to try to straighten out one’s finances with the circumstances of Mr. Pape’s past as regards family violence.

    Does not compute.

  9. The comments made by Django about Mr. Pape’s personal life a quarter a century ago beg the question whether a man can overcome his “personal demons”and mistakes and turn his life around. It also demonstrates why so many potentially fine officeholders choose to eschew what they might otherwise feel their civic responsibility because of mistakes in the distant past.

    I was unaware of these issues until they were dredged out of the sewer but as long as I have known Jim and Diane Pape, they have been a happy, loving couple devoted not only to each other and family but this community in ways too numerous to list and Jim has been admired greatly by his sons.

    Judge Warner may have issued a “restraining order” 25 years ago but he apparently had the judicial temperament to know when to dissolve it.

    With the recent national discussion about “judicial temperament,” perhaps we should consider part of that the ability to look at how one may overcome the past and the potential future of those in in the justice system.

    I do not intend for this comment to be an endorsement (a sure kiss of death ) as there appear to be several well qualified candidates.I do mean it to be a defense of Jim Pape, although I think he needs none as his actions in Hays County civic life, loving family and respect by those who have worked with him speak for themselves.

    I admire those who can confront their “personal demon” and overcome them. Can “django” (a nom de plume taken from a particularly violent gunman in 1960’s spaghetti westerns) say the same.

    As Jesus Christ said, “If any among you is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  10. Django, let me put it this way: An individual filed for bankruptcy and is now lobbying for a job that pays $120,000 a year plus benefits. If you cannot put 2 and 2 together then I suggest you quit blogging. Furthermore, to say that the IRRESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP, LACK OF PLANNING, and INADEQUATE products brought by our car manufactures somehow justifies Boling’s filing is absurd. (Although, I do appreciate you helping substantiate my point, so thank you.) Just like the car manufactures can no longer run themselves, Boling has no business running a court room.

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