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August 21st, 2009
Commissioners to discuss judicial seat


The Hays County Commissioners Court will meet next Thursday, Aug. 27, at 9 a.m. specifically to discuss the appointment for a new county court at law judge to replace the late Howard Warner. The court has expressed a desire to make an appointment before the end of the month.

The commissioners could take action on selecting an interim judge to replace Warner, who died on July 18 from cancer. The appointment would fill Warner’s remaining term, which expires with the November 2010 election.

Hays County Judge Liz Sumter (D-Wimberley) has thrown her support behind former Hays County Democratic Party chair Anna Martinez Boling, pressing for her last week. Others who are reported to have expressed interest in the position are San Marcos attorney Tacie Zelhart, San Marcos attorney Jim Pape and an assistant attorney general for the state, Scott Glicker, who lives in Buda.

Zelhart reportedly has announced her candidacy in the 2010 election, as have Assistant District Attorney David Mendoza and San Marcos attorney Robert Hargrove.

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0 thoughts on “Commissioners to discuss judicial seat

  1. If Jim Pape is willing to serve we should snap him up.
    I know Jim to be a fair, intelligent man who understands the needs of our community from a criminal justice perspective.

  2. Doesn’t the county court-at-law position involve a lot more than criminal justice? What about family and civil law, wills and probates? Does Mr. Pape have experience in those areas? Fair and intelligent is good, but relevant experience would be helpful.

    Anna Martinez Boling has broad and well-rounded experience, She was an Assistant District Attorney in El Paso and is an experienced prosecutor and later was a defense attorney. In private practice, she practices family and civil law, including handling divorces and wills and probate. As she saw the impact of contested divorces on the children, she decided to pursue extensive training in mediation, using those skills to help clients towards divorces with lower levels of bitterness and hostility. By helping clients develop a decent working relationship, the children benefit from being raised with parents who are able to work through the conflict inherent in divorce for the best interests of the children.

    And Anna is a scrupulously fair, honest, ethical and intelligent person. She graduated with honors in getting her law degree, has been elected by her peers to fill several seats on the board of the Hays County Bar Association, including president and vice president. She served for many years on the board of the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Shelter and has worked tirelessly for victims rights. She has gone above and beyond to serve the community many, many times and in a variety of ways. We would be blessed to have her appointed to fill the vacancy left by Judge Warner’s death.

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