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August 19th, 2009
CASA volunteers sworn in

New CASA volunteers, ,eft to right: Vivian Collins of Guadalupe County, Andrea Gindhart of Guadalupe County, Nancy Bower of Comal County, Judge Karin Bonicoro, Jana Evola of Comal County and Richard Gindhart Jr. of Guadalupe County


Local Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) volunteers were sworn in Aug. 19 by Judge Karin Bonicoro.

Now that their CASA training is complete, the volunteers will be assigned children who have been removed from abusive homes and placed in the court system. The volunteers act as a voice for the children, speak up for them in court and advocate for their best interest.

CASA of Central Texas, Inc. trains and supports community volunteers in Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe and Hays Counties.

Another training is starting soon. If you would like to volunteer, contact Training Coordinator Debbie Haynes at (512) 392-3578 or visit

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17 thoughts on “CASA volunteers sworn in

  1. CPS needs to be stopped. Often times children are removed from non-abusive, non-violent homes on hearsay evidence alone.
    I personally know of three of these cases in Hays County alone. One case was based on mistaken identity. The family lost their child for a year. Just so CPS can get their federal funds through these mandatory parent classes. Never mind what happens to the children while being kept from their loving homes. STOP CPS! STOP CAPTA!

  2. Does anyone else notice how pleased that Judge Bonicoro looks with herself for ripping terrified little children from their families? Please visit You Tube for CPS EATS

  3. Statistics show that more children are abused, molested, killed and tortured by CPS workers and Foster Homes, than the homes they were kidnapped from.
    Let’s stop the insanity!

  4. Provide the statistics if you are going to make those accusations, along with the source of the statistics. Otherwise, you are presenting hearsay.

  5. Under the CPS microscope every word, inflection, and action is attributed with the most bizarre and outlandish “meanings.” If you have ever bounced a check, you have a “criminal record”; if your child is shy, they are “fearful and withdrawn”; if they are outgoing and active, they are “acting out due to the trauma.”

    Do the parents ever argue? Do they ever raise their voices? This is then documented as “domestic violence.” The majority of the funding for domestic violence programs is channeled through CPS so this was no revelation to us. If parents deny domestic abuse or child abuse, they are told that they are “in denial”, and this is all “part of the syndrome.” Admitting – confessing – is one of the requirements. Truth and reality are not important. Saying the right things to keep federal funding flowing, is.

    Federal law gives CPS 15 months to seek Termination of Parental Rights and have the child adopted out (and collect hefty adoption incentive bonuses—did we mention the money?) So, children are being put up for adoption based on the timeline, even when parents have not had a chance to answer the initial allegations, and in the absence of any evidence or charges that they have harmed their child. Social workers routinely perjure themselves under oath without ever facing any penalties or admonishment.

  6. If social workers “care” so much for children, I have 2 questions for them:

    1. Would you work without pay and sacrifice for the child? I did. No one paid me to be a mother, to carry the child for 9 months under my heart, to be there many sleepless nights when they had teething pain or were sick, prayed for them, taught them right from wrong, fed them, clothed them, educated them, gave up my time, and put off buying things for myself because I always put them first, just to name a few things that come to mind.

    2. If a life-or- death situation arose, would you give your life for the child? I would. No questions asked.

    Which of us REALLY has the “best interests of the child” at heart: parents or Social Services?

    The financial incentives for shredding families, warehousing children until the barriers to adoption (parents) can be eliminated and children adopted out, are lucrative. CPS is part of a $14. billion dollar a year, tax payer fueled, child abuse industrial complex which provides jobs for caseworkers, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, various court personnel, psychotherapists, foster homes, pharmaceutical vendors and a host of others.

    This is a HUGE growth industry that provides private profit through Medicaid. Service providers (vendors) hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies. Families are ordered to engage in “services” with the contracted vendors, all of whom bill Medicaid at inflated rates for “services” that are often inappropriate, unnecessary, onerous, and completely irrelevant (not to mention unconstitutional) to the families situation, or to child maltreatment.

  7. There is a huge difference between CPS and CASA. I know a CASA volunteer, and if they are anything like her, they are unsung heroes of our community. They truly advocate for the child’s best interest and come in after the child has already been taken from the home.
    Let’s hope they remember how to smile, stay positive and be hopeful after dealing with such stressful situations.

  8. Volunteers for CASA may indeed be unsung heroes, but, my contention here is Judge Bonicoro’s involvement with the group and all (Did I say ALL) the money $$$$$ that is being funneled, channeled, siphoned through this group.

    WHY are these agencies in such a break-neck hurry to remove children when there are no demons behind the door? What is really going on? This Judge has my attention. I write for a certain conspiracy website. Wasn’t allowed to mention it here. Too bad. You folks might learn something, like what your government is really up to.
    So, instead, google NWO, Illuminatti, Bilderberger, Project Blue Beam and Alex Jones. Thank You.
    You ask for statistics. Can’t give them if I can’t link them. Sorry! Google them yourself.

  9. At the end of FY 2003, Texas DFPS had legal responsibility for 22,346 children. Of that total, 15,414 children resided in foster care. In the same time period, there were 6,932 children in the Department’s legal custody who were not residing in foster care. Texas, as does California, PROFITS FROM HUMAN TRAFFICKING, which is a deplorable manner by which to fund County operations.

  10. I object to eliza wood using this format to promote her own agenda and ignoring the article. This stream should be about CASA and the wonderful work they do for our children and community. Write a letter to the editor if you wish to discuss the horrors of CPS. Perhaps you do not have to document your sources in the “Conspiracy website” world, but in the journalistic and academic world in which we live, sources must be cited in order to be verified and/or believed. Your inability to list websites does not prevent you from documenting sources, it just prevents anyone from using Newstreamz to publicize other websites. I doubt as well that you have a clue as to what it feels to be in Nazi Germany or a Soviet gulag, or you wouldn’t be so flippant in referencing them.

  11. NWO, Illuminatti, Bilderberger… Project Blue Beam?!? OK, no sense in trying to engage you in rational discussion–I’ve heard all I need to hear.

    Back to the topic: CASA does some absolutely great, thankless work.

  12. 1. CASA volunteers are among our finest people. They volunteer for a difficult task for no other reason than the good they know they can do. My hat is off to them.

    2. Someone needs to adjust their tinfoil hat…it seems to have slipped.

    3. I remember the NWO. Pro wrestling was never more fun than when Hulk Hogan first turned “heel”. 🙂

  13. just remember that you were warned when they come for your children. you were warned when you start to see civil military on our streets. they start by taking your children. they censor our media and what we have to say. i used no curse words here and they censored nearly everything i had to say. don’t say you weren’t warned. BROWN SHIRTS! BROWN SHIRTS!

  14. Eliza, I am a CASA volunteer…and I see a lot of what you say…I despise the broad authority that CPS has to engage children in investigation without even letting parents know that they are being investigated…I think that’s something called NO due process…here’s a fact: My younger 14 year old brother made a horrible mistake and burned himself about 70%, third degree…it was at a family event, so many were there to extenguish him, otherwise he would be gone. I tackled him, we all did what we could to save him…well, december 23, two days before Christmas, he had just come out of his biggest grafting surgery, was still hallucinating from the medications and anasthesia, and CPS TRIED TO “INTERVIEW” HIM!!!!!! HOW IS THAT IN HIS BEST INTERESTS????? CPS = Brainwashed NAZI…thank God my parents are intelligent and on their game!

  15. There’s also a VERY valid reason and logic behind why children (minors) do not have the capacity to contract….because they are more manipulatable, and do not fully understand ramifications or consequences….BUT, if a child even mumbles that dad makes him “uncomfortable” sometimes, or any other phrase that can potentially be twisted against the parents, then abracadabra…Presto! The child’s words are gospel, and yet at the same time, twistable.

  16. My story is very long and now my oldest is 18 and his adoptive mom tries to control him so that he won’t see me. .What they went through whole in foster care was by far the worse and CASA lead gail..not sure if I can give names but promised they had been removed from the home immediately come to find out during my research CASA lied she doesn’t deserve to be the CASA supervisor driving her sporty car…I have gone to the STATE CAPITOL and spoken on behalf of many people that would not stand up…Now the adoptive parents are separating and the children are split. ..That’s Justice…oh by the way I do confirm its about money I research ed that to..Hays County

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