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August 18th, 2009
Signs of strife between council candidates

While it’s not unusual for political candidates to tussle over their campaign signs, the tussle between San Marcos City Council candidates Shaune Maycock and Lisa Marie Coppoletta is more contentious — and public — than normal. Photo by Andy Sevilla.

Associate Editor

A San Marcos city council campaign is in search of higher ground after quickly degenerating into threats and accusations in many flavors, along with a complaint to the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD).

Lisa Marie Coppoletta’s campaign camp has filed a police report against her opponent, Shaune Maycock, alleging “terroristic threats.” The SMPD has confirmed that a report has been filed, but released no other details.

Coppoletta and Maycock are running against each other for the San Marcos City Council seat (Place 5) being vacated by Pam Couch. The election will take place on Nov. 3.

The Coppoletta campaign alerted the media to the incident with a press release.

The matter goes back to a phone call placed to Maycock last Friday morning by Coppoletta’s husband and campaign manager, Daniel Scales. The Coppoletta campaign had been told that Maycock’s campaign was placing political signage on private properties without the owners’ consent. Scales said he called Maycock as a courtesy.

“I was cordial,” Scales said. “I thought I was addressing a misunderstanding about his employees placing signs without permission. He asked if I was working for Lisa’s campaign. When I informed him I was her husband, he went on a rant.”

Scales said the rant included threats of physical harm. Maycock said he did not make such threats.

According to Scales, Maycock said “I’m gonna (expletive) you up. When I see you next, I’m gonna (expletive) you up.”

Maycock recalled saying to Scales, “Don’t touch my (expletive) signs, or I’ll call the cops and turn you in.”

Scales also said several of Maycock’s signs were in the city easements, prompting city workers to pull them up.

Maycock alleged that Scales admitted to pulling up his political signs, an action Maycock called “low” and “negative.”

Maycock acknowledged that his campaign signs were put in places without permission. Maycock said his volunteers were provided with the sign ordinance for San Marcos. However, he said, “mistakes” were still made.

Maycock said a belief that his campaign is supported by current councilmember and lone candidate for Place 6 John Thomaides caused volunteers to inadvertently place signs where Thomaides had signs. Maycock said his volunteers thought that was appropriate, but “it’s in the process of being corrected.”

Said Maycock about his discussion with Scales, “Words were exchanged. Because (Scales) admitted to pulling up my signs, I told him that I would call the cops and report him if I saw my (political) signs pulled up … I served my country, I’ve risked my life for my country, and all I want to do now is serve the community in which I live in. All my opponent (Coppoletta) is trying to do is cause new problems instead of solving the problems we already have in the community.”

Maycock added that “filing false police reports is not politics this city needs.”

Said Scales, “I understand the gravity of filing a false police report. I would not be here if he didn’t threaten me … It’s too bad that it happened. I was totally thrown off by it.”

Scales said he would have not pursued the matter so far as to file a police report, but, Scales said, he became concerned after looking at Maycock’s MySpace (social networking site) profile. Scales said the profile features guns, which Scales called “a cause for concern.”

Maycock’s MySpace profile does include a picture of three handguns on a carpeted floor in his personal pictures file, along with cartoon-imaged guns on his visible profile. Maycock said that it is not a cause for concern.

“Big deal,” Maycock said. “I think everyone should own a gun, or be familiar with them, and know gun safety … I’m a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), a former marine, and an avid hunter. Of course I’m gonna be interested in guns. I’m a huge sportsman. I love hunting. I got my first gun when I was five years old, and learned everything about them, including safety.”

As if to thicken the plot, Maycock alleged that the Coppoletta campaign is harassing him and his fiancé by following her around and taking pictures of her.

“That’s totally fabricated,” Scales said. “I don’t know what she looks like.”

Scales said he would take a lie-detector test on all the issues raised stemming from Friday’s incident, and challenged Maycock to do the same.

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59 thoughts on “Signs of strife between council candidates

  1. Signs without permission, false police reports, dueling lie detectors and fear-mongering about guns… it must be election time in San Marcos. Maybe Coppoletta is merely manufacturing a fake plot for one of the first SanMarcosWood blockbuster movies; maybe Maycock is really tailing her in a tank with a camera. I don’t know, but I think I will vote “none of the above.”

  2. there are so many issues in san marcos that affect all of us and i hope that the election is based on ideas, service, responsible leadership, and wise use of our resources, including people.

  3. I want to make it real clear. I did not threaten this individual. It seems Daniel has a problem with being honest. I reacted as most would have when someone admits to stealing their property. Trying to make me seem like a bad person because I am a firearms collector and sportsman is ridiculous and un American. This is the same sort of antics that Coppoletta tried last year when she made phone calls to her opponent on speaker phone and filmed it then placed it on the web. This is a complete political ploy from a candidate that has her perception of reality distorted. Her husband even made comments about her running for president of the world, whatever that is, online while placing one if her signs. I refuse to give this anymore attention. It’s false and anyone who knows me knows that I do not threaten people. So van we focus on economic development, sidewalks and traffic because that’s what is important in this campaign.

  4. Mary, I wish that would happen in San Marcos. However, I have never seen an election in San Marcos framed on ideas, service, responsible leadership and wise use of our resources… though every candidate has always made a point to give lip service to those topics regardless of whether they actually believe in them.

    Neither of these two have impressed me. And MySpace? That is pretty-much a dead social network due to the spamming. Get yourselves real websites and get active on the social networks people actually use.

  5. Anyone who asks (as they always do) why various people don’t run for local office, only has to look at the past elections for textbook examples of why people want nothing to do with campaigning for public office.

    It would be nice if this election would set a new trend, but it is off to a rocky start to be sure.

  6. Reply to last comment: Thank you, my myspace page, which I had not even touched for well over a year is deleted. I understand the lip service comment. Every candidate seems to want to make promises and as soon as they are elected those promises are forgotten. The mention of wise use of natural resources, service and leadership are also not on deaf ears. I myself am tired of our elected “leaders” not sticking to their word of the actions they promise us. This is one of the reasons why decided to run. I am a man of my word my word is worth more than gold to me. I want to make a positive difference in San Marcos. I am not your normal candidate I hope others will follow where I lead and we can have a better future in our community. I am obviously not doing this for money or any gain. I want to ensure our river is clean and healthy, I want everyone to feel safe when riding a bike or walking by having bike lanes and sidewalks where there should be sidewalks. I know I cannot make this happen by myself but I can sure push these issues until they are no longer issues and become projects. Feel free to contact me and let me know your concerns. I am here to help my community.

  7. Ted thanks for your comment. I really do not need remarks and false police reports about me. It does bother me that someone would steep to tactics like this when all I want to do is ensure that when I have kids they have all the things a safe community should have. I am still pondering this thing about Daniel and I feel it is stupid and a waste of time.. then again maybe that is Lisa’s goal is to have me waste time dealing with an issue that should not be an issue.

  8. Both candidates need to stop talking so poorly about the other, it’s tacky. You should run on your merits, not the other candidates faults. For both candidates to let such petty things arise so publically makes me question their ability to work with different kinds of people once they get elected, people that they might not get along with. I believe, as an elected official you shouldn’t be a fire starter but a firefighter.

  9. having been around here for sort of a long time now I can remember a lot of history that mr scales has been involved with. San Marcos does not need a clown like this being a permanent source of distruption when this city needs to be concentrating on much more pressing problems. His lack of intelligence is appallingly apparent.

  10. How about rectifying Springtown Mall instead of devolving into the Jerry Springer Show?

    How much has been spent on downtown so far? I noticed a couple of easy-to-read street signs. Couple hundred thou a pop I reckon worth of people’s time over the last ten years and that’s the best we can do? Somebody, Thomaides or I forgot who threw us a bone recently saying “Blah blah two-way traffic…parking…blah”

    I say kick the bums out, let’s get some business owners, students, retirees, people who proof-read (Shaune), who will listen to to the committees and engage themselves with gusto in making this place the best it can be.

  11. “Both candidates need to stop talking so poorly about the other, it’s tacky.”

    Put yourself in the LMC campaign’s shoes. Your opponent threatens you. What do you do?

    Unfortunately Maycock wasn’t recorded. Makes it tough. Is the “proper” thing to do is just “let it slide”? What if Maycock escalates? Now you regret NOT filing that police report.

    But if you do file… is it best kept out of the press? Then, the press finds out. Now how do they (lmc campaign) look?

    Obviously this is almost as bad for the LMC campaign as for Maycock. Think they didn’t know that?

  12. Y’all come over to my place, we can make some popcorn and watch the candidates steep to obtuse angles of attack.

  13. Shaune,
    As I know you read this as you have posted several times… be prepared- it only gets worse. My advice to you is to not communicate as much as possible unless in an open forum. As I witnessed in this past election- it’s all drama and have known them in the past, they can be “different” in tactics to make a person get dragged through the mud. Good luck.

  14. Shaune Maycock, giving you the benefit of the doubt that your opponent is lying about your word choice in your rant, why should someone have confidence in your civil policy making judgment if you don’t respect the property rights of the very people you are pretending to serve? Blaming your own volunteers does not speak well of your team – whether it be you (who apparently wants to blame his own volunteers) or the intelligence of your followers.

  15. Wait a second:

    Shaune Maycock is the one who admits to putting up signs illegally.

    Shaune Maycock is the one who admits to swearing at Daniel scales although not in the way he claims.

    Shaune Maycock’s claim about Daniel stealing his signs is no more credible that his claims of Maycock threatening him.

    Both camps need to put this aside and focus on the REAL issues. Shake hands, make up, or shut up and drop out.

  16. I thought he said he was correcting the issue with the misplaced signs. How is that not respecting property rights?

  17. We need a third candidate. These two obviously do not deserve our time, our energy, or our vote.
    I keep hearing Daniel Scales is a nut job, which unfortunately implicates Lisa Coppoletta, and Shaune Maycock seems to be hot-headed and not take responsibility of his volunteers actions. Anyone else out there want to run? Im sure it’ll be a sure win as long as you dont engage with these two.

  18. This is interesting:

    Shaune Maycock on August 18, 2009 9:20 am
    “It does bother me that someone would steep to tactics…”

    Then there’s:

    Jason Harper on August 18, 2009 1:16 pm
    “Y’all come over to my place, we can make some popcorn and watch the candidates steep to obtuse angles of attack.”

    Either we have two people with an equal lack of command of the English language (correct is “stoop”); OR we have the same person posting under different names.

  19. Someone calls as a courtesy and this is the reaction? How will this person ‘react’ if elected? This could never have gone so far if a simple, “OH, I’ll take care of it” had been the reply.

    Is this all a distraction to get the public attention away from the fact that the entire incorporated city council is now a member of yet another public/private enterprise, in the name of all good things of course, and is removing itself from the power of ALL the people?

    How many more generations are going to be enslaved by a government of people like the ones who are running now?

  20. I read Chuck’s comment as an attempt to make fun of the poor choice of words.

    If elected, I will resign immediately.

  21. Chuck, you have a good eye. Unfortunately my humor isn’t accessible to everyone due to the evil twin conspiracy. Perhaps together we can debunk it.

  22. Please visit my lmc4sanmarcos website or blog for enumeration of specifics, justification for making this public and follow up documentation. The extended response I post at my websites will be the one and only time we will discuss this matter via public forum, electronic or otherwise.

  23. Oh my God…a fellow has pictures of guns on his website, that must mean he is prone to violence. I guess since Copoletta films everything on camera, that means she is prone to being a porn star, huh? Make about as much sense. Freaking liberals.

  24. Jason Harper on August 18, 2009 7:57 pm
    “Chuck, you have a good eye. Unfortunately my humor isn’t accessible to everyone due to the evil twin conspiracy. Perhaps together we can debunk it.”

    OK, np. I’m steeped in conspiracies already, and happy to stoop even lower if it’s entertaining enough. :”D

  25. COS on August 18, 2009 9:22 pm
    “Oh my God…a fellow has pictures of guns on his website, that must mean he is prone to violence…”

    LMC is totally pro gun. As am I and most of her other supporters. There’s a difference between being pro-gun and having a gun fetish.

    BTW, someone of you is on Mr. Maycock’s team, pls hip him to Gun Owners of America. If you’re serious about protecting your natural right to self defense, those are the folks you need to support. Not the sellout NRA.

  26. Let’s stick to the issues. I really don’t care about any of the inane issues addressed above. It seems like we are heading into more of the same. I am truly sorry for our fair city. I only hope that one of these 2 candidates can address the real issues and gain some maturity.

  27. Say what you will about LMC, but as Jesse points out:

    “Shaune Maycock is the one who admits to putting up signs illegally.

    Shaune Maycock is the one who admits to swearing at Daniel scales although not in the way he claims.

    Shaune Maycock’s claim about Daniel stealing his signs is no more credible that his claims of Maycock threatening him.”

    If Shaune had played fair and/or come clean with owning the responsibility with the signs to begin with, none of this would have spiraled into what it has.

    I cannot blame the LMC campaign for merely reacting to Shaune’s boorish behavior regarding sign placement.

  28. Well, this surely gives me, as one of the more or less constant 8-10% who regularly vote in the now-partisanized November City Elections, Pause. As one who has served a 12-year sentence as an UNPAID and un-whored member of that august body, as well as another 8 on various boards and commission, especially the Planning and P&Z,when I retired, I RETIRED and swore to lose much sleep over ensuing insults to the big majority who pay the bills.

    Mr McGlothlin was right on point in the first comment –that SOMEBODY might need to know HOW city government, especially this one, is SUPPOSED to work and to provide a clear notion of that knowledge FOR and IN the public FORUM. (Hint: despite the last decade in “partisan world,” it ain’t about who is the worst weasel or vandal. Nor is it about electronic gimmicry.

    Ms. Garcia, in the second commentary, was wrong. She does a serious disservice to present and past Council Members who always showed up well-prepared, having opened their packets and begun investigating issues as soon as they got the agenda. Those same people listened to arguments that came before them, and refused to bend to any will in making their considered and mostly impartial votes, be it “BASE consistency (some will get the irony in the very term) or those who paid at the door.

    I count myself among those who dealt only in issues, never in public freebies, and certainly not in a popularity contest. HON. Joe B. Cox, Jr. (staunch D,for what it is worth), HON. Ron Hart (rabid conservative, but not lunatic R, fwiw), as well as HON. Ed Mihalkanin sub-
    versive intellectual then as now) were one and all fine examples of dedicated, straight-arrow Members for multiple terms, during which the city made giant leaps as an example for cities nationwide to observe. It’s true. The records are there, as are the public projects and a few of the programs.

    This being a Manager/Council form of government, there was no King, and there were no courtiers. We made policy and trusted a truly dedicated and hardworking staff to keep us legal, affordable, and well-managed.

    Now we are asked to choose between two who have run enough to know how, but not much more. One actually suggested that the Activity Center be funded by City taco sales, among other fine ideas–in public. One believes the ONLY qualification for managing $145 M/year of other people’s money is to live here and be patriotic–also in public. Those are the choices to date, and they are busy squabbling over trivia. Lord, help us! It gets tempting, but not THAT tempting.

    Now what did I hear the public debt per citizen had become, and what the amount of tax abatements and bidness freebies this year amounted to? Ah, well….

  29. I’m with David. San Marcos has some serious issues to address. The last thing we need is more of this. Maybe Newstreamz could lead the way by covering more substantive matters relative to this election.

    Perhaps we could see some interviews with the candidates, with their positions on some key issues and some concrete ideas about how they will tackle them.

  30. I think we should have a cage match to determine the winner. I have heard about Lisa’s freak outs and she might even be able to take down a marine

  31. I must apologize, first to Ms. Garcia, who was right in her comment, but not “government hack.” then for my typography, which put in several blunders. But I am decrepit, and I was very tired, esp. after watching the Mall co-op spend far more than will be recovered anytime while some of the incumbents still live, or at least live HERE. I think those gigantic corporations can afford to advertise themselves–as they did before Stanley Tanger offered the long-gone Council a $100K match with the City, so long as Prime had some skin in it. I forget now,how much increase in sales it would take, less tax holidays, for $.085 on the dollar to regain $577K. If that should happen in a decade, maybe we should call in Pope Benedict to certify the miracle.

    $60K for “sports tourism”? Same deal. Are we getting a pro franchise? Having to provide incentive assistance for national corporate giants Target, Penney’s and Beall’s to follow the money to the other side of town? Same deal, very odd to describe the benefits. Has the bill for the now wildly popular “recreation district” at Springtown making more sense than it did when the “leak” happened? More of the same, to my long unpracticed eye.

    And did I hear a “ka-ching!” as the bills start coming due for the fantastic idea of trying to compete with Austin’s Sixth Street venue (Gawd, don’t, please!)by keeping the bars open? Now in addition to the public safety realignment, we need to have standby municipal transportation on overtime? A long-ago Council saw this whole horror film several times, but listened to the merchants who had to mop up a lot of lunch and human waste and vandalism as it was THEN. SOMEBODY, por favor, call Dr.Mihalkanin, the original tourism and downtown and LBJ yeoman and volunteer guru. Or just read his Blue Ribbon “consultant report,” done at home for near nothing.

    I hear we are also proposed to become another, finer “Bollywood.” True? Wow! Know any movie people? One, sort of. Sigh….

  32. Wow! What started as a petty article has descended into petty personal blows. I’ll go ahead and admit my inherent bias. I know Dan Scales and LMC. Have for quite some time. And I for one can say that they are some pretty damn good people. However, regardless of the nature of their being, to resort to personal blows about anybody on a message board shows either a lack of logical vigor, or a past personal vendetta. Perhaps both? So lets keep the debate about the issues and do what we can to ensure an honest an open election where the people win in the end.

  33. Both of these candidates just seem too petty to even be considered to serve on council. John Bush brings up a good point, let’s concentrate on the issues, not some dumb political signs. Both campaigns seem childish and both are out of line. I have seen Daniel Scales immaturity first hand, which let me say is too ridiculous. Shaune Maycock on the other hand, seems like a hot-head, but I have never seen him blow up in public, that’s just what I’ve heard and can pretty much read between the lines of his comments.
    I wish the candidates would understand that focusing on the others shortcomings only makes them look worse, how about focusing on what is really important, development incentives, education (or lack thereof), quality of life, water, poverty, and infrastructure.

  34. Dan Scales is one of the bothersome individuals who is always trashing the threads by posting under several different assumed names. Like one of the prior posters I have been around long enough to know about the work history and lawsuits. I can also see that this controversy is largely manufactured by them. This is just a little whiff of what people will be getting full time with lmc on the council. On the other hand, one person cant single handedly wreck the city and there are not really that many powers and perks go with the job so it might actually be funny to watch them floundering around. It would take city staff all of a nano second to realize that lmc is a person they do not need to listen to.

  35. I have read these comments and thought I would look into this myself. If anyone is interested here is what I found:

    Mr. Maycock had some improperly placed signs. It turns out that the LMC campaign pointed these out quite conveniently. (There were 3.)

    I went to those properties and learned that Mr. Maycock had contacted the property owners, apologized for those mistakes and then gained permission to place signs on two of those three locations.

    I’m not partial to either side but it seems to me that if accusations are going to be made it is the responsibility of the public to consider the source of the outcry. Mr. Maycock accepted reponsibility for mistakes made by others and personally took action to fix it.

    The LMC campaign made this a drama by contacting the opponent and provoking a response. They then further exacerbated the issue by attempting to file a complaint with the police which was unverifiable.

    All this has caused me to contact Mr. Maycock. He stressed that he did not want to discuss the issue further and said that it was time to put this petty political stunt aside.

    All in all we spoke about 30 minutes and I feel that he has a good head on his shoulders and wholeheartedly cares about San Marcos.

    What I know about Lisa is that she has spent 20 years or more as an activist and mostly stirring the waters of discontent and making little noticable positive impact.

    Mr. Maycock served his country in what is often regarded as the most disciplined branch of the military, the Marines. He started his own business which has been successful and contributes tax dollars to the city. And yet after serving his country, and spending a vast amount of time building a business– which I can attest is not as easy as some people think– he is still willing to give up his time to serve his community. In comparison this speaks volumes about an individuals character and committment to service. I wish more people like Mr. Maycock would step up to the plate and realize how important it is to be involved in local government.

    Furthermore, I feel that some of the people who have posted above complaining about how candidates were not focusing on the issues should re-read what Mr. Maycock focused on in his response, because he has focused on the issues and it’s funny that Lisa’s response is only engineered to get more traffic to her website.

    I’m just an old man and I like to keep to myself but I just couldn’t standby and watch this young man get dragged through the dirt by his opponents staff. He has my respect and if you read this Mr. Maycock… Keep up the good work. I enjoyed our chat.

  36. Hmm. Quick look at campaign sites and sumsuch has Lisa Coppoleta with articles from the 90s she wrote against tax abatments against “the proposed outlet mall”.

    Shaune Maycock is fixing airplanes and having his buddies badmouth his opponents for him.

    Coppoleta’s running for the city council citra 1995, while Maycock’s running for Homecoming Queen. Is this really the best we can do?

  37. Yea, if Coppoleta had had her way, there would be no outlet malls. The result today would be homeowners in San Marcos paying property taxes at least 3-4 times HIGHER than they are now, and less other businesses and JOBS which have been attracted by the outlet malls. IN other words, Coppoleta is the candidate for higher taxes on the middle class and poor, and less job opportunity! Our great city does NOT need such regressive candidates. We need leaders who are progressive and who can think.

  38. Are you folks serious! For one, I only got involved because ignorant people like you make comments like this. Nobody got me to say anything I made my statement of my own free will, young man. Why don’t you call the candidates and speak to them yourself instead of gossiping like an old woman. Mr. Maycock told me he is for higher paying jobs and looks towards the future. Quit getting your infomation from the gossip column and find out directly from your candidates what they stand for.

  39. All I’m saying is that the second someone posts something even remotely negitive about Lord Maycock someone has to rush in to attack Coppoletta. I know she has a little clique of diehard supporters too, i’m wondering what there up to.

  40. I just think lisa marie cop out letta should just work on being “president of the world” then report back to us and let us know how that works out for her.

  41. to billty g. moore, in my post about making the election about issues, i in no way mentioned the past nor the present council members – and i most certainly was not degrading the work done by our past city leadership. your apology is accepted.

  42. Mr. Hicks, to say that LMC has done nothing for the community is outrageous. I don’t know if you’re a pet owner or not but if not for LMC, every little doggy and kitty in SM would have an RFID chip in it right now. She organized the massive protest and lobbying effort that prevented the City from mandating the chipping of SM’s pets. Not to mention she led the effort to kick the evil halliburton subsidiary KBR out of town. I know wouldn’t feel comfortable if some of my tax dollars were going to a corporation responsible for the death of American soldiers. Keep it up LMC!

  43. John,

    Your post should be quoted as the “Joke of the Day”! LMC did all of this by herself and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was running a premature campaign for council at the time? Give us a break. She was completely unheard of before her run last year and this year, she decided that she better get in the public eye more. What better way to do it then to “lead” such things as you say above. Can anyone say “political grandstanding”?

  44. Tell that to the couple hundred people who showed up that they where just “grandstanding”.

    I’m getting tired of the vitriol that everyone seems to spew in Coppalettas direction. There has got to be dirt on the other three dudes.

  45. We get it. Everyone running has some deep flaw. Coppoletta’s wacky. Maycocks a hotheaded “tuff guy”. Thomson is a corrupt developer looking for power. Nesselhof is a little kid who wants to beef up his resume. Are there any real issues or is newstreamz going to turn into a shouting match until election day.

  46. Thomason is my guy. I will openly state that. But to say he is a corrupt developer because he builds houses is rediculous! I suppose you do not live in a house or structure built by a builder, right?

  47. I guess your reading comprehension skills are below par, Jesse. I never said the folks that showed up were grandstanding. I did, however, say that LMC was political grandstanding. It is REAL funny that she never showed up in ANYTHING until she decided to run for an office. Then all of a sudden, she is out there fighting for the people. Sounds a lot like the movie industry she is so fond of extolling.

  48. there is dirt on the other 3 dudes. Mr. Maycock isnt claiming that he has a child, out of wedlock at that. He refuses to pay child support, he is in arrears for $22,000. He is a liar, deciever and a cheat. How could anyone want someone like this in office? I dont think that it is fair! Think of it like this… there is a woman some where raising a child by herself. Atleast hopefully Coppoletta is honest.

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