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August 14th, 2009
Run with Moe: Training for the half marathon

Run With Moe
San Marcos Runners Club

There are two races brewing that have not made it online, but are important enough to put on your running calendar.

On Oct. 25, the Country Roads Half Marathon, sponsored by Subway of Central Texas and the Tanger Outlet Center Family Fitness 5K, will be held. The Family Fitness 5K is designed to get the family out for a healthy run and enjoy running with a group. Youngsters are encouraged to run with their parents and everyone benefits from the exercise.

The half marathon will take a little more dedication from runners – and non-runners – to complete. There is a good ten to eleven weeks before the half marathon, and even a beginning runner can eventually build up the fitness and ability to complete the race with a weekly effort to achieve the goal of running 13.1 miles.

The course for the Country Roads Half Marathon will be the ARA-Moe’s Half Marathon run in reverse for a change in direction. This will be a new challenge for those familiar with the usual course.

I have set out a tentative schedule for a beginning runner to eventually complete the half marathon distance. The key is being consistent in your effort and to keep focused on the goal that is 10 weeks away.

In the schedule I have put down, the longest run you will do starting with August 9 or 10 (long run is on the date listed first in the schedule) and a total miles to run that week. In the week of running, include the long run and a day of rest. The day of rest can be anytime, but a suggestion would be on a Monday after the long run or on a Friday or Saturday before the long run.

If there is a 5K race here in town, try to enter it and get some experience in running in a race. Most 5K races are on Saturday, and if you have a long run on Sunday, that will be good for you to put the two runs back to back.

Here is a suggested schedule to follow. It can be modified as you feel like it. Included are the dates and the lengths of the long run and the total miles for each group of dates.

Aug. 9-15: three miles (run/walk), 15 total miles. Aug. 16-22: four miles (run/walk), 18 total miles. Aug. 23-29: six miles (run/walk), 20 total miles. Aug. 30-Sept. 3: six miles (run), 22 total miles. Sept. 6-12 six miles (note below), 22 total miles. Sept. 13-19: (run the Country Roads 10K or eight miles), 25 total miles. Sept. 20-26: eight miles, 25 total miles. Sept. 27- Oct. 3: 10 miles, 30 total miles. Oct. 4 -10: 10 miles or 12 miles, 32 total miles. Oct. 11-17: 12 miles or 14 miles, 36 total miles. Oct. 18-24 6 miles on Sunday, then, on the succeeding days, four, four, three, three, zero and zero miles. Oct. 25 (race day): 13.1 miles.

If you subtract the long run distance from the total miles and divide the remaining miles by 5, you will have the average miles per day. It is not necessary to run that average every day, but you can have a shorter run and a longer than average run during those five days. Of the two listed headings in the schedule, the longer run during the week is more important than the total miles. With a little dedication and consistent effort, a beginning runner can claim a half marathon distance to her list of races.

Are up to the challenge? Put the two races on your race calendar and let’s have a good turnout for both races from local runners and those in the central Texas area.

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