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August 11th, 2009
Animal control board to discuss microchips, deer feeding


The animal control advisory board in San Marcos is holding a meeting Wednesday night that will feature second public hearings about pet microchipping and other matters involved in the new animal control ordinance.

But the bulk of the meeting apparently will be spent on a less-discussed topic: the feeding of deer within city limits.

Kevin Schwausch, a biologist with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (TPW) will give a presentation on urban deer management. Following the presentation, the board will conduct a hearing about a proposal to ban the feeding of deer within the city. The board also will discuss the development of a wildlife damage management plan. Both of those matters will be up for public hearing for the first time.

The board also will conduct its second hearings on two proposed revisions to the animal control ordinance.

The first revision would ban the sale, trade or barter of animals in the public right of way, in private or public parking lots, roadsides, and flea markets. An exception would be made licensed commercial animal establishments and for legal humane organizations participating in city events.

The second revision would make it mandatory for animals impounded for the second time at the city animal shelter to be microchipped before they could be reclaimed by their owners.

At the first public hearing on the revisions to the animal control ordinance last month, only two people spoke, both against the revisions.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the San Marcos Activity Center.

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0 thoughts on “Animal control board to discuss microchips, deer feeding

  1. I strongly support banning deer feeding in city limits. The deer are a huge problem in our neighborhood, and other neighborhoods in the city limits, too.

  2. If the goal is to provide good homes for our animals, how does banning the sale of animals in virtually all public forums achieve that goal?

    If Wal Mart doesn’t care if people sell dogs in their parking lot, why should the city?

  3. i believe the city wished to discourage irresponsible animal breeding and this would be only a first step by decreasing the opportunity for such sales and thus hopefully decreasing the instances of abandoned, unwanted, and ultimately, euthanized animals.

  4. I also support the ban on feeding deer!! In our area, the deer have no fear of humans or cars, which can be dangerous around the rut. Because of neighbors feeding on either side of our property, our house is on the “deer highway” which is frustrating when we try to xeriscape or want to let our son play outdoors.

    While they are beautiful animals, they belong in the 250 acre greenspace behind our houses, not munching our lawns!

  5. Mary (and others),

    Tell me… Just how does the city (or you) know which of the pet sellers on the Wal Mart parking lot (and anywhere else for that matter) is or would be an irresponsible pet breeder or pet owner? Show me a law in the state of Texas that defines ‘irresponsible’ pet ownership as ANYONE who breeds and/or purchases a pet!

    The sole purpose behind this issue is to incrementally transfer the right of people to own, breed and sell their own pets to a ‘holier than thou’ group of people who want everyone to be forced to ask THEM for permission to own a pet. They have the audacity to think that you do not know HOW to take care of your pet, nor do you know HOW to breed or sell an animal to a good home. Do you believe that THEY know all the correct ways to do these things, and NO ONE ELSE does?

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and boy, I’ve heard just about enough of their ungodly Hegelian ‘rationalization’ that attempts to justify their need for absolute control over everything and everyone. I’m sick of it. So are a LOT of other people!

    Let’s not let people who are crazed for power over others create a world where our children will have to beg like a dog, for THEIR permission to own one.

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