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August 7th, 2009
Cosmic Jaguar slates tour


The San Marcos band Cosmic  Jaguar is a unique electronic music band getting ready to tour the Southwest in some unusual venues. The husband and wife team of Carlos and Laura Cedillo are musicians, artists and teachers. They try to do a bit of all three in Cosmic Jaguar.

The Mayan Lovevolution Tour will include spiritual exercises and dancing as well as Cosmic Jaguar’s signature electronica. The music will be coupled with teaching seminars about the Mayan calendar.

The tour kicks off in Sedona, AZ, at the Sedona Creative Life Center in October. Cosmic Jaguar also will appear at the Sedona Heartwalk Center. From there the band will go to Denver and points beyond.

Cosmic Jaguar uses the art of sound-sculpting based on the spiritual vibrational energy of the Sacred Mayan Calendar known as the Tzolkin. Each composition is named after the day it was created.

Carlos studied music composition and classical guitar at the University of Texas. He later worked for film and TV composers, Nathan Wang and Gary Chase, in Pasadena, CA. He has a number of murals and paintings exhibited there. He is considered to be a Mayan Shaman and Daykeeper. Carlos is author of “Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal,” and he has hosted workshops with Mayan Calendar expert and author, Dr. Carl Calleman.

Wife and bandmate, Laura, studied classical flute and Oboe as well as attending the University of Texas Graduate School of Theology. She is the head of  their record label, Violet Flame records.

Carlos plays electric guitar and bass, Theremin, percussion and electronic keyboard. Laura performs with percussion, flutes, ocarinas and the Akai electronic wind instrument (EWI).

Before starting the tour, Cosmic Jaguar will be at Tantra Coffee House, 217 West Hopkins Street, on Aug. 15 at 9 p.m.

Their two CDs, “Eclipse Music Vol. 1” and  “Day Keeper” are available at Sundance Records and High Times in San Marcos. The third album will be ready for release sometime before their tour begins.

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