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July 27th, 2009
Bill Peterson's Blog: An all call to public officials, and thanks, Sean

Executive Editor

During these times of stife, we would like to remind elected officials in Hays County that they are much more than welcome to communicate their hopes, their dreams, their fears and pleas to the local electorate on our pages. Many have already done so and will continue to, but we’re just tossing out this reminder.

Just write something up and we’ll post it as a blog, guest column, commentary or whatever seems most suitable. We won’t edit, except for publication style. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t respond, and the general public reading these pages certainly will.

Government of the people requires that elected officials keep the voters and citizens in touch with the reasons for why they do what they do. If we’re here for nothing else, it’s to stimulate an elevated discussion of public affairs in San Marcos and around the county.

… We’d also like to note that the office at Newstreamz is a different place today without Sean Wardwell, who finished up here last Thursday to take a newspaper job in McPherson, KS, to be closer to his family.

Sean helped keep the pieces here together during a couple difficult transitions, not the least of which occurred when yours truly arrived at the start of January. Being so deeply committed to democracy, we know Sean will do his best up in McPherson to shed light on the public process. We all wish Sean the best.

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0 thoughts on “Bill Peterson's Blog: An all call to public officials, and thanks, Sean

  1. I would indeed be interested to hear some (or any) comment from our San Marcos City Council elected officials, on the topic of open meetings and government transparency, as well as for them to address the ethics of formulating programs and/or policy as a growing trend and matter of regular procedure, behind closed doors in City Council executive session.

    Also, I would solicit any commentary by these same officials to address the alarming trend of City Council unresponsiveness toward the demonstrated will and wishes of the public, on the several present issues (Springtown subsidy, pet chipping, of citizen concern that are on the forefront of the local political agenda.

  2. Mr. Newman I would like to see you run for council. I find you very well spoken at council meetings, and I feel like you have much to offer the city of San Marcos. What better way to exemplify transparency in city government than to be IN city government. Please consider running! I just want Thomaides out.

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