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July 21st, 2009
Firefighters choose San Marcos for 2011 convention


The Texas Association of Fire Fighters (TAFF) chose San Marcos as the site of its 42d biennial convention in 2011 at the City of San Marcos Conference Center/Embassy Suites Hotel and Spa.

More than 300 delegates, including members of the Fire Fighters Auxiliary and Retired Fire Fighters, and their families, to San Marcos for the six-day event in July 2011. Anywhere form 1,000 to 1,200 rooms are expected to be booked. The conference ranks in the top five in meeting size and delegates at Embassy Suites San Marcos.

“I am very proud of our fire fighters and their outstanding representation of the San Marcos Professional Fire Fighters Association and our community at this year’s conference,” San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz said. “I am also proud of our community for the great outreach to bring one of the largest conferences ever to San Marcos.”

Narvaiz, City Manager Rick Menchaca and new San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens joined Howard Minor and other members of the San Marcos Profession Fire Fighters Association in making the presentation at TAFF’s 2009 convention in Richardson, TX. They were joined by Convention and Visitor Bureau Director Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez and Embassy Suites representative Rosa Garcia.

“The Embassy Suites and Conference Center in San Marcos is perfect for this group,” Garza said. “I was so pleased to work with the San Marcos Professional Firefighters Association, the mayor, the city manager and the CVB to attract the delegates to our great city and hotel.”

San Marcos competed with El Paso and McAllen for the 2011 convention. The San Marcos representatives made a presentation on July 15. The delegates voted on July 16 for San Marcos.

“The San Marcos Professional Firefighters Association enjoyed working together with city leaders, Embassy Suites, Police Officers Association and Convention and Visitor Bureau,” Minor said. “Together we won the bid and together we will enjoy a very successful convention in 2011.”

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0 thoughts on “Firefighters choose San Marcos for 2011 convention

  1. I am curious to know what, if any, other large conventions have been booked since the opening. It seems anytime I drive over in that part of town, the parking lot is dismally empty.

  2. I was there today. I had to park far away from the from door since all the parking spaces were full. There was a huge HerbalLife convention set up taking up the entire ballroom. I walked past 6 cars from different states and some from Mexico on my way in.

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