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July 15th, 2009
City Hall parking lot to be repaved


The City of San Marcos will begin repaving the City Hall parking lot Friday. The city said the project should be completed by Aug. 15.

The project has been divided into phases, so parking will remain available to citizens visiting the City Hall complex.

The first phase of the project will begin on the north side of the parking lot from the Charles Austin Driveway, including the small parking lot. The work will also widen the driveway at Charles Austin Drive to provide safer movement between heavy city trucks and passenger vehicles.

Citizens will be able to access the city facilities from the driveway next to St. John’s Catholic Church on Hopkins Street. The city will set up signage directing citizens to the open driveway.

City employees will be asked to park in the back and along the drive next to the church to keep as many parking lot spaces available to citizens as possible.

The church has granted the city permission to use a portion of its parking lot next to the city offices beginning on Monday, July 20. Temporary signs will be used to identify the church parking area available for city use. Drivers are asked to only use those designated spaces.

Central Texas Road, the contractor, will work on Saturdays to finish the project by Aug. 15.

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