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July 9th, 2009
Run with Moe: The Firecracker 5K

Run with Moe: A column
San Marcos Runners Club

On the evening of July 2, the Firecracker 5K was run out at the River Ridge Business Park.

Despite the very warm temperatures a record 205 runners showed up to run the race. The San Marcos parks and recreation staff was glad to see the large turnout and did a great job getting everybody registered and at the starting line on time.

The temperature started to be suited for running at the start time. David Alexander from the San Marcos Runners Club helped with the set up of the timing clock and finish chute, then found time to run the race himself.

It was a fun night for me, as I was able to greet some running friends I had not seen in many years. John Calvaresee was present, and I had a chance to visit with him. John has run about 150 marathons and paced me in my first marathon down in Houston. John’s knees are causing so much pain and trouble that he had to give up the running and now comes along to add support.

Pablo Rodriquez was John’s driver and ran the race.  Pablo was one of the first members of the San Marcos Runners Club when we had our first meeting and was instrumental in getting it established. Between the two of us we checked out a lot of the early running courses we had here in San Marcos.

A large number of local and area runners entered the race. It was a good time to renew old friendships and talk over running stories. I think every runner there knew someone else at the race.

Listed are the names of runners from the central Texas area of San Marcos, Kyle, Buda and Martindale and times, if they wrote them down.

For men 14 and under —  Trey Lawler (11 years) 40:04; Drao Occhilalini (14) 33:35; Gino Occhialini (14); Brandon Brewer; Frankie Torres (14) 19:36; Esai Torres (9) 24:49; Kolton Sundquist (14) 25:42; Isaac Castillo (10).  For women 14 and under: Emily Phillips (13) 26:25; Cruz Sanchez (10) 43:40; Katrynce Burra (9).

For men in the 15-19 age category — Willem Gervais 23:48; Jordan Brewer 21:06; Erick Hebert 19:37; Edward Chabarria 19:27; Ben Schneider 36:30.

For females, age 15-19 — Julie Hill  46:27; Katelyn Sundquist  44:00;  Emis Ground 41:18; Madelyn Bryant 41:14; Cyndy Mc Millian 36:34.

In the 20-29 year age category for men — Stephan Chitta 30:57; Brandon Kent; Josh Walker 26:12; Daniel Hernandez 19:55; Alison Munoz 28:49 and Robert Gomez 37:00.

For the ladies in the 20-29 year age category — Jessica Jenkins 49:00; Kylie Kirkpatrick 52:47; Mariam Black 33:30; Samantha Bryant  32:39; Mindy Maul 32:50; Jenny Wallace 31:58; Andrea Friesenhahn 31:40; Britni Dunn 30:57; and Natasha Brewer 30:07.

The 30-39 age category for men — Carlos Molina 30:25; Joe Merchant 21:38; Robert Seibert 19:39; and Peter Molina 26:01.

The women runners in that age group — Allyssa Lash  38:04; Cristina Pinkard  37:59; Liesela Austin  31:15; Katy Blake  35:00; Julie Villapando 28:24; Laaura Chabarria  37:45; Heather Seibert  31:33; Anna Jaso 26:25; and Danette Myers 28:10.

The 40 – 49 age group for men — Art Mendez  29:47; Cross Country coach at San Marcos Eloy Collazo 24:54;  Eric Rindahl 21:42; Randall Villapando 26:11; Dave Carlberg 33:56; and David Kerns 39:11.

For the women in that age group — Rhonda Deschner 52:15; Llaaura Eiser 52:15; Polly Haynes 48:30; Brigitte Payne 39:47; Rae Ann Roberts 37:35; Tracy Davis 35:37; Laura Mason 33:25; Dorina Cockman 32:47; Debbie Schneider 31:27 Heather Brewer 28:47; and Nancy Ralston 28:40.

At the 50 – 59 age for men — Paul Hernandez 29:40; Domingo Crest 24:58; Greg Pannell took some time off from running triathlons to run a 29:56; Robert Kantz 29:31 and Skip Gibbons. David Alexander ran a 31:24 after starting the clock for the race.

The women runners in the 50-59 category — Kay Gibbens 38:57;  Charlene Martinez 38:37; Nelda Pannell ran a 37:59 after race walking a half marathon in Seattle on Saturday in 2:45; Eva Sanders; Deb Burley 36:22; Mary Arizpo  36:12; and Teresa Medina 32:39.

In the 60-69 age group for men — Ronnie Murphy came in at 32:43.  No women in that age from the area ran the race.

In the 70 and older category for men — Luke Oliver ran a 47:30; Carl Schreiber finished second but no time recorded and Russell White ran in with a 34:05 time.

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